GS Polymers, Inc. Announces Product Line Roll Out

GS Polymers, Inc. is proud to introduce their new product line of polyurethane and epoxy products. As specialty formulators of adhesives, potting compounds, casting resins and cast parts, GS Polymers has provided excellent products and services to hundreds of customers over the years. Now, GS Polymers has taken the best of their best to create this superior product line.

How does this help your business?

Many of the products that GS Polymers has developed over the years were formulated to meet extreme conditions where nothing else worked. Being a smaller company, GS Polymers has had the opportunity to innovate in a field that has been fairly static in recent years. These innovations can translate into cost savings and process efficiency for you.

For example, GS Polymers has developed a polyurethane and epoxy hybrid material which is both flexible and allows for higher temperatures. Additionally, GS Polymers research lab has determined how to prevent fillers from settling. Filled systems provide many advantages such as thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, low shrinkage. This technology allows these products to be packaged in ratio packed cartridges resulting in easier handling for you.

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