Growing Medical Portfolio for Blackwell Plastics, Territory 71

Houston based Injection molding company Blackwell Plastics grows their medical device portfolio with four new customers and five new products in 2009. "The Texas Medical Center invests nearly 2 billion in R&D every year. We are working hard to commercialize this technology in Houston.

In 2009, we developed plastic products in two new diagnostic products, two new surgical products and one in the treatment of enlarged prostrates. We are proud to be a leader in bringing the entire manufacturing community together to help facilitate the commercialization of technology in the medical device area. It is an exciting opportunity for all our employees to partner with technology from some of the worlds leading research institutions in the creation and building of new products that help improve the lives of many." says Jeff Applegate, President Blackwell Plastics and Co-Founder of the Gulf Coast Medical Device Manufacturers association.

Blackwell Plastics, founded in 1939, operates 30 injection molding machines to 600 tons, full service tool and die shop and 5 extrusion lines for custom profile, rod and tubing. The Gulf Coast Medical Device Manufacturers is a non-profit manufacturers association supporting the commercialization of medical device technology from the gulf coast region.

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