Greenheck Brochure Highlights Seismic Rated Fans

Greenheck's new 12-page "Seismic Solutions" brochure details its expanded line of seismic-rated fans. With performance verified through shake-table testing at independent facilities, Greenheck offers HVAC equipment certified to meet the latest International Building Code and California (OSHPD) standards, and can supply seismic-rated fans to meet your building's requirements anywhere in the US. The brochure features an overview chart summarizing the seismic certifications and ratings for more than 20 Greenheck product models. The brochure also includes test protocol descriptions and installation and mounting details.

Greenheck is the worldwide leader in manufacturing and distributing air movement and control equipment.

For more information about Greenheck products or a copy of the brochure, visit or contact Greenheck, P.O. Box 410, Schofield, WI 54476-0410, (715) 359-6171, FAX (715) 355-2399.


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