GRAPHALLOY® Wins NSF® Drinking Water Certification

YONKERS, NY (June 2010) - Graphite Metallizing Corp., the manufacturer of self-
lubricating GRAPHALLOY® bushing materials, is pleased to announce that NSF®
International, has just certified two grades of GRAPHALLOY® material for use in
municipal well pumps and water treatment plant applications.

The two newly certified GRAPHALLOY® Grades are certified to NSF/ANSI
Standard 61 - "Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects" and approved
in the category for Multiple Water Contact Materials (MLTPL) up to 180˚< F.

NSF certification is the result of Graphite Metallizing's rigorous product testing to
ensure the highest quality GRAPHALLOY® products for the market. These newly
certified grades are used in the manufacture of pump bushings and bearings for both
vertical and horizontal pumps.

GRAPHALLOY® is currently the product of choice for many deep well water pump
applications in the western U.S., Hawaii and around the world.

NSF International is the independent, not-for-profit / non-governmental organization
that provides materials evaluation, standards testing and product certification services
involving public health and safety issues.

Graphite Metallizing Corporation, a global leader in the manufacture of self-lubricating
bushings and bearings for almost a century, produces GRAPHALLOY® a graphite /
metal alloy bearing material used in the manufacture of self-lubricating bearings and
components for pumps, machinery, and process systems.

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