Grabber® Named Exclusive North American Distributor of NO-COAT® Corner Trim Products

NO-COAT® Product Line Includes Ultratrim, Ultraflex, and Ultra Arch

Highland, UT– Grabber® Construction Products, an international distributor of professional-grade fasteners and construction products, is the exclusive distributor of NO-COAT® corner trim products worldwide. NO-COAT® products are manufactured exclusively for Grabber® by Structus Technologies at Structus's plant in Bend, Oregon.

NO-COAT® is a revolutionary complete drywall corner system for all profiles and applications. The NO-COAT® Structural Laminate (SLAM™) design provides superior strength and durability, installs faster, and delivers bottom-line savings in labor and materials.

Until now, corner bead has been the only option for drywall contractors. But NO-COAT® structural laminate corners abandon corner bead design entirely, integrating new technologies and materials like dimensionally extruded co-polymer plastic and formulated saturated paper. The result is a corner system that outperforms all others in the market.

The NO-COAT® Structural Laminate Drywall Corner System provides products for all corner trim applications:


These flex roll products are ideal for off-angle applications, including both short and long runs, long columns, and soffits. The wide flange covers large gaps and poor framing, and the built-in flexible hinge fits any inside or outside corner angle, creating crisp, straight lines.


Precut stick lengths withstand severe impacts, settling, and seismic movement without cracking, denting, chipping, or peeling. Easy-to-install lengths deliver perfect corners in record time.


These tape-on arches have notched flanges that flex and conform to any arch. Their stiff profile fine tunes poor framing and creates a perfectly smooth, round curve.

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