Google® Chromebooks Ship Exclusively with Latest Synaptics ClickPad(TM)

Acer® Chromia and Samsung® Chromebook Feature ClickPad Image Sensing and ClickPad SmartSense(TM) Technology

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Synaptics Inc. (NASDAQ: SYNA), a leading developer of human interface solutions for mobile computing, communications and entertainment devices, today announced that the first commercially available Google Chromebooks are exclusively equipped with a Synaptics ClickPad(TM). The ClickPad features the latest Image Sensing technology that provides full-time finger tracking capability, more accurate touch detection and multi-touch gestures.

Synaptics' ClickPad solutions are fully integrated into ChromeOS and provide premium pointing, clicking and scrolling capabilities. Designed to Google's exacting specifications, Chromebooks are optimized for the Web with cloud-based computing technology and are designed to provide a fast, simple and secure user experience. The large sized ClickPad enhances the notebook experience, ranging from interactive Web browsing, scrolling through pages of content and flicking through photos and videos.

"Synaptics is excited to participate in the ground-breaking collaboration with Google, Acer and Samsung that is enabling the next wave of mobile cloud computing," said Mark Vena, senior vice president and general manager of the PC Division at Synaptics. "OEMs looking to enhance the end-user experience with Chromebooks will utilize ClickPads with Image Sensing technology for better navigation and gesture performance."

Both the Acer and Samsung Chromebooks utilize Synaptics ClickPads with Image Sensing multi-touch, full-time finger tracking technology. It also includes SmartSense(TM) Accidental Contact Mitigation (ACM), which helps reduce accidental taps and clicks.

Key ClickPad features include ClickSmart(TM) that provides a universal mode to support both "classic" and "modern" notebook clicking preferences. "Classic" users operate a ClickPad like a TouchPad with buttons (left button in the lower left of the ClickPad and right button in the lower right) while "modern" users utilize a more direct interaction model. In addition, Acer's Chromia Series also features ClickEQ(TM), a complete mechanical module that eliminates clicking "dead zones" on the ClickPad, and provides uniform button pressure and click depth for superior interaction and performance.

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About Synaptics

Synaptics (NASDAQ: SYNA) is a leading developer of human interface solutions for the mobile computing, communications, and entertainment industries. The company creates interface solutions for a variety of devices including mobile phones, notebook PCs, PC peripherals, and tablets. The TouchPad(TM), Synaptics' flagship product, is integrated into a majority of today's notebook computers. Consumer electronics and computing manufacturers use Synaptics' solutions to enrich the interaction between humans and intelligent devices through improved usability, functionality, and industrial design. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

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