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Goodfellow Celebrates 50 Years in a “Material” World

Press release date: Aug 01, 2017

Coraopolis, PA - August 1, 2017 - Tucked away near Pittsburgh International Airport is the US operation of a company that has quietly grown to be one of the most respected suppliers of research-grade metals, ceramics and polymers in the world. Goodfellow, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, continues to grow and thrive on a tradition of quality products, reliability and personalized service that’s as relevant today as it was a half-century ago.

Employing about 80 people throughout the world, Goodfellow currently serves thousands of customers on six continents. The US facility as well as operations in the UK, France, Germany and China help to support these global activities; further expansion into the rapidly growing Far East region is planned for the future.

Goodfellow’s focus is on supplying small to medium-size quantities of materials for research, development, prototyping and specialized manufacturing applications. The company can also accommodate customers requiring production-scale quantities of certain materials and forms.

Elements of success

“For the past five decades we’ve been assisting researchers around the world with their projects, and we’ve done it with a talented staff of materials experts who understand the science, nuances and needs of professionals in this field,” says Stephen Aldersley, Chief Executive Officer of Goodfellow. “When you’re dealing with researchers and design engineers, you’re contributing to someone’s evolving project, so it’s by nature a collaborative – and often long-term – relationship.”

The US operation’s Pittsburgh-area location has been a positive factor, thanks to the area’s skilled workforce and ready access to new technology and trends. Indeed, although Goodfellow’s personalized (and highly successful) customer service may seem of a different era, the company’s embrace of the latest materials, innovative production techniques and multimedia communication is definitely up-to-the-minute.

Jane Stoner, Operations Director for the company, sums up the feeling at Goodfellow during this anniversary year. “This is a landmark for any company, but to reach this milestone when the company is in such good shape and with great plans for the future is even more exciting. We thank our employees, partners, customers and suppliers for being an integral part of our success, and we look forward to another 50 years!”

About Goodfellow

Goodfellow is a leading supplier of metals, polymers, ceramics and other materials to meet the needs of science and industry worldwide. The company specializes in supplying small quantities (a few grams to a few kilos) of metals and materials for research, prototype development and specialized manufacturing applications. Standard products can be found online at the comprehensive Goodfellow Catalog. Custom products and materials in larger quantities are available upon request at

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