Glovebox Window Composite Shield Panels

Hot Cell Services Corporation, a leading supplier to the North American radiation shielding window market for the past 25 years has just been awarded a 3 year contract for supply of Glovebox Window Composite Shield Panels, Leaded Glass Glovebox Window Shield Panels and Glovebox Window Gaskets for the MOX Project at Savannah River Site, managed by Shaw Areva MOX Services, LLC.

Hot Cell Services was founded in 1979, to supply radiation shielding window refurbishment, field maintenance, window modification, and consulting services. By the mid-1980's Hot Cell expanded its service operations to include manufacturing and installation of radiation shielding windows and gloveboxes.

Through the 1990's, Hot Cell Services provided NQA-1 quality windows and service to government and private nuclear facilities in the USA and Canada. In 1997, Hot Cell Services joined Sovis-Optique under worldwide glass manufacturer Saint-Gobain to provide global support to the radiation shielding window market. For the future, Hot Cell Services will provide innovative approaches to radiation shielding, utilizing a quarter century of knowledge and experience.

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