Gigamon and Corvil Partner for Visibility and Analytics of Network Data across Virtual and Physical Environments

Corvil Leverages Gigamon's Pervasive Visibility for Application and Network Analytics and Business Intelligence

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Gigamon® (NYSE:GIMO), a leader in traffic visibility solutions with the innovative Unified Visibility Fabric™, announced a go-to-market partnership with Corvil for application and network analytics across private enterprise cloud infrastructures. The family of GigaVUE Visibility Fabric nodes, including GigaVUE-VM, provides unprecedented visibility into virtual and physical environments for Corvil's Operational Performance Analytics for high-speed data capture, distributed transaction-application network monitoring, and real-time business analysis.

Gigamon and Corvil will be at Cisco Live in San Francisco from May 19(th) to the 22(nd) in booths 1005 and 428, respectively. Corvil will also be presenting at Gigamon's booth on Tuesday May 20th at 4:15pm.

"Corvil has created a new way of analyzing the rich data flowing through corporate networks at very precise timescales.  We call this capability Application and Network Analytics. Our unique and patented approach provides business insight that is trusted by the most demanding enterprise brands," said Raymond Russell, CTO, Corvil.  "Our platform provides customers with a different answer, a different view, a different root cause and a different understanding compared to what they get from competing products. And with our Gigamon relationship, we can extend our application and network analytics capabilities into the virtualized infrastructure to empower application, server, and network engineers with the specific analytics they need, in real time."

Today's private cloud data centers have distributed application architectures and unprecedented levels of virtualization, which is creating significantly more east-west traffic that is hidden from the monitoring, analytic and security tools on the physical wire. GigaVUE-VM provides the VM-level visibility required for Corvil and its customers to gain access to that hidden traffic. When combined with other GigaVUE physical fabric nodes and the application-level intelligence delivered by Gigamon's GigaSMART platform, Corvil's customers can benefit from pervasive visibility across their networks. Corvil's Application and Network Analytics tool can then provide the ability to monitor and analyze both application and network data running across global networks in real time. This analysis is used dynamically or after-the-fact to optimize network performance, troubleshoot application issues, and mediate between the two. 

"The Gigamon and Corvil relationship is an ideal partnership in which our joint customers can achieve pervasive visibility across geographically independent data centers for optimal network analysis and faster troubleshooting of applications", said Ananda Rajagopal, Vice President of Product Management at Gigamon. "Visibility into inter-VM communications is critical since over 80% of servers are now virtualized. That is potentially a lot of hidden traffic that we are making visible for tools such as Corvil's Application and Network Analytics to perform their industry leading performance analysis. Customers will benefit from this best-of-breed combination to ensure optimal visibility and monitoring of their private cloud environments."

About the Visibility Fabric architecture

At Gigamon we realized that delivering the visibility essential to manage, analyze and secure the complex system that is the IT infrastructure requires a new approach. With millions of traffic flows across thousands of endpoints, visibility needs to be pervasive, intelligent and dynamic. Using our patented, unique technology, we created an innovative new approach for delivering this visibility called the Visibility Fabric architecture. This new approach is intelligent and versatile in its ability to enable visibility into the network. For more information visit

About Gigamon

Gigamon provides an intelligent Visibility Fabric™ architecture for enterprises, data centers and service providers around the globe. Our technology empowers infrastructure architects, managers and operators with pervasive and dynamic intelligent visibility of traffic across both physical and virtual environments without affecting the performance or stability of the production network. Through patented technologies and centralized management, the Gigamon GigaVUE portfolio of high availability and high density products intelligently delivers the appropriate network traffic to management, analysis, compliance and security tools. With over eight years' experience designing and building traffic visibility products in the US, Gigamon solutions are deployed globally across vertical markets including over half of the Fortune 100 and many government and federal agencies.

About Corvil

Corvil provides real-time operational performance analytics solutions. The Corvil platform extracts real-time operational intelligence from network data and uses this intelligence to analyze the performance of IT applications and services, detect and alert on events in real-time and export enriched data for business intelligence and risk management analysis. Customers use Corvil to optimize and safeguard the operational performance of their business processes and services. The Corvil platform uniquely handles the demands of high-performance, low-latency and data intensive IT environments. The company operates from New York, London, Singapore, Tokyo and Dublin. For more information on Corvil please visit




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