GF Piping Systems' CPVC Schedule 80 Pipe Achieves NSF Certification

TUSTIN, Calif. - GF Piping Systems' CPVC Schedule 80 Pipe is now certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) in compliance with NSF/ANSI Standard 14 and Standard 61. This distinguished certification assures users of suitability and safety for use in potable water applications (NSF- 14) and drinking water system components (NSF-61).

"Obtaining NSF Certification signifies an extremely important achievement," says Brian LaBelle, GF Piping Systems Director of Marketing. "It strengthens our position in the market and allows us to broaden our range of application in more areas than before. The Certification also assures our customers that this pipe has a design life that meets a minimum of 50 years long term strength."

GF Piping Systems' CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) Schedule 80 Pipe will not rust, scale or pit and is extremely lightweight, making installation faster and easier and significantly less expensive that steel alloy or lined steel. The piping system can handle temperatures up to 210ºF, is available in sizes from ½" - 12", and conforms to ASTM F441, F437 and F439 and ASTM D1784 Cell Classification 24448

As part of the NSF Certification process, GF Piping Systems' CPVC 80 Pipe was verified to comply with the Plastic Pipe Institute's (PPI) Technical Report Number 3 for long Term Hydrostatic Strength (LTHS). NSF/ANI Standard 14 requires materials for pressure pipe applications meet a minimum 50 year long term strength requirement established through PPI's hydrostatic design stress. This includes testing pipes from at least three different slots of material and at 73ºF and an elevated temperature typically 180ºF or higher. To establish the hydrostatic design basis, products are repeatedly tested to failure to develop a stress time relationship.

For NSF/ANSI Standard 61 compliance, the product was evaluated to ensure that it does not leach contaminants. These contaminants include those regulated by the EPA and any other non-regulated compounds. For regulated contaminants, the maximum allowable level is established based on existing toxicology data and the level at which the contaminant leached into the water. This process of setting maximum levels is defined in NSF/ANSI Standard 61.

For more information on GF Piping Systems' CPVC Schedule 80 Piping System, click here.

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