GF Machining Solutions to Demo Cost-Effective Milling, EDM Technology at TECMA

LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill. – At TECMA 2015, taking place March 3 – 6 in Mexico City, GF Machining Solutions will showcase several of its top Swiss technologies with the best price performance ratio. Visitors to PROMETAL Stand 600 will get to experience the leading machine tool builder’s MIKRON HEM 500U 5-axis machining center as well as wire, die-sinking and hole drilling EDM solutions from its AgieCharmilles brand.

MIKRON HEM 500U 5-Axis Machining Center

Ideal for cutting parts from aluminum alloys and steel, the compact MIKRON HEM 500U high efficiency machining center from GF Machining Solutions features a special rotary tilting table that provides accurate, highly affordable 5-sided machining of components in single setups.

The machine features a 12,000-rpm ISO-B40 spindle and 30-tool magazine that provides a two second chip-to-chip time for high-speed continuous milling operations and increased spindle uptime. Additionally, a 20,000-rpm spindle with HSK tooling and 60-tool changer are available.

The machine’s trunnion table measures 500 mm in diameter and accommodates workpieces weighing up to 200 kg. It tilts -65/+110 degrees in the B-axis and rotates 360 degrees in C for 3 + 2 machining as well as 5-side positioning. Axis travels on the HEM 500U measure 500 mm in X, 450 mm in Y and 399 mm in Z, while a distance of 150 mm between the machine spindle nose and rotary table surface allows for ample maneuverability around workpieces.

The robust HEM 500U has a C-frame structure that supports a cross-sledge for the transversal X- and Y- movements. All three linear axes are located on a sturdy block that houses the B-axis. The vertical Z-movement, which contains the inline spindle, mounts to the rigid Y-axis column.

AgieCharmilles CUT 200 Sp Wire EDM

The AgieCharmilles CUT 200 Sp speed edition wire EDM from GF Machining Solutions provides fast spark-to-spark wire threading, energy efficiency and high productivity when cutting parts of variable heights. It also offers versatility through its ability to reliably hold tolerances measured in microns in both light and heavy parts.

For ensuring high accuracy and speed as well as preventing wire breakage when machining parts with varying heights, the Power Expert smart module on the CUT 200 Sp continuously calculates part thickness, checking injection pressure and adjusting machine power accordingly.

The CUT 200 Sp accommodates wire diameters ranging from 0.33 mm to 0.070 mm and can handle part tapers of up to 45 degrees, regardless of part thickness. The machine’s digital CC generator enables surface finishes as fine as Ra 0.1 µm and an optional power module can boost cutting speed to 400 mm2 /min with an adapted wire.

The machine has a drop door to the work area for easy loading of workpieces. Moreover, its small footprint measures just 2,020 mm x 2,201 mm x 2,015 mm, yet has room for ample X-, Y-, Z-, U- and V-axis travels of 350 mm, 220 mm, 220 mm, 350 mm, 220 mm, respectively.

To obtain high-positioning precision, the CUT 200 Sp’s axes are fitted with a linear glass scale with absolute coding at a resolution of 50 nanometers. An optional touch probe allows the user to inspect a finished part before its removal from the worktable, eliminating the need for part inspection with a CMM.

AgieCharmilles FORM 20 Die-Sinking EDM

As the industry’s most compact die-sinking EDM and one of the most cost efficient for general mold and die applications, the AgieCharmilles FORM 20 from GF Machining Solutions brings a uniform surface finish quality to part sizes up to 800 mm wide, 551 mm deep and 264 mm high.

The FORM 20 also employs one the most modern generators in the industry. Through its Intelligent Power Generator, the machine provides exceptional performance using less power. It requires just 3.7 kW/h at full power, and with every machine pulse, the 70-amp generator continuously optimizes the EDM process and dramatically reduces electrode wear.

Furthermore, the FORM 20 features the company’s recently developed AC Form HMI (human machine interface), which many consider to be the most user friendly, easiest to learn and most flexible control developed for a die-sinking EDM.

AgieCharmilles DRILL 20 Hole-Drilling EDM

With an optimum price/performance ratio, the AgieCharmilles DRILL 20 from GF Machining Solutions perfectly complements wire EDM systems by quickly and precisely processing starter holes in a variety of applications.

Applying electrodes that range from 0.15 mm to 3 mm in diameter, the vertical hole-drilling EDM machine easily handles drilling depths up to 200 mm in workpiece materials that include steel, hard metal, aluminum and copper.

The machine’s CNC-controlled X, Y and Z-axes with travel paths of 300 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm, respectively, allow for its broad application spectrum, while a variety of programmable touching cycles allow operators to achieve short setup times.

About GF Machining Solutions

GF Machining Solutions is the world’s leading provider of machines, automation solutions and services to the tool and mold making industry and to manufacturers of precision components. The products range from electric discharge machines, high-speed and high-performance milling machines, including clamping and palletization systems, and 3D laser surface texturing machines, to services, spare parts and expendable parts, consumables and automation solutions. As a globally active group, GF Machining Solutions, a Division of Georg Fischer Group (Switzerland), maintains a presence on 50 sites worldwide within its own organization. Its 2,873 employees generated sales of CHF 867 million in 2013. For more information on the company’s products and services, contact Gisbert Ledvon at GF Machining Solutions, 560 Bond St., Lincolnshire, IL 60069-4224, Tel: 1-800-282-1336, Fax: 847-913-5340, Email:, or visit


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