Future Electronics Offers Immediate Availability of T Series Triacs from STMicroelectronics

Montreal, Quebec — Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, announces immediate availability of the T Series Triacs from STMicroelectronics, offering high commutation and immunity that outrun the competition in industrial load control.

STMicroelectronics' T Series Triacs are especially designed for the ever-increasing number of AC loads in industrial control.  Located in harsh and demanding environments, these AC load switches meet both the immunity and high commutation needs while housed in popular TO220AB and TO220AB Full-Pack.

With an immunity (dV/dt) up to 5 times better and commutation capability (dI/dt)c up to 2 times better than usual available solutions, applications are made more robust to interferences and able to keep control of the load without disturbances at higher levels than standard triacs series.

The low gate current down to 10mA helps to optimize the power supply and allows direct drive capability through a single resistance between the microcontroller and the triac. The maximum junction temperature has been pushed up to +150°C for tougher industrial control applications.

Features include: high turn-off capability (dI/dt)c:; high immunity dV/dt; IT(RMS) from 4A to 16A; VDRM/VRRM up to 800V; VDSM/VRSM up to 900V; UL recognized up to 2500VRMS (E81734); UL1557 insulation; 4 ranges of IGT; 10mA directly driven from a microcontroller; 20mA Snubberless™; 25mA standard 4 quadrants; 35mA Snubberless™; TJ = 150.C for 120V mains, VDRM/VRRM up to 600V (dual T devices only); and TJ = 125.C for 220V mains, VDRM/VRRM up to 800V (dual T devices only); Ecopack.2 (halogen free and RoHS).

The T series triacs are ideal for applications including low and medium power load control in industrial systems, industrial power tools, and lighting.

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