Function-Rich Network Security Appliances for Small and Home Office (SOHO)

November 6, 2007- Is my network protection enough? How much is enough? In today's IT world, the network security issue not only has impact on government, campus or mid/large enterprise, but also affects SOHO users. AXIOMTEK provides a series of entry-level network security platforms for SOHO market (small and home office), including AMD LX800 platform (NA-100), VIA Eden/C7 platforms (NA-810 series ) and ULV low power Intel® Celeron® M/Pentium® M platforms (NA-806 & NA-0043 series). These SOHO network security appliances are flexible, low power, cost-effective, secure, fanless and noiseless, which are perfect solutions for VPN, content filtering, UTM, network security gateway and more. The product features are as follows:

Fanless and Compact-size Design

SOHO users usually work in the crowded environment, and most of devices are very close to user. Noiseless and thermal factors should be tune up to the best, even CPU and networking in full load. We adopt the fanless design in our SOHO network platforms with advance technology and design mindset. AXIOMTEK provides super slim type, 1U height and wall-mountable form factor of network security platforms for SOHO market, which can fit into different space limited environments.


AXIOMTEK offers affordable network platforms supporting the power efficient processors, and provides different LAN configurations and transfer rate (10/100Mbps and 10/100/1000Mbps) for customer selection. Customers can base on their budget and performance requirement to choose a perfect network solution.

LAN bypass

To prevent network problems when the platform shuts down, power fail or OS/application program hangs up, the hardware platforms support two network segments of LAN bypass function through WDT and GPIO pin definitions. And, the platforms also support the LAN bypass micro code for different version of Linux environment. Let the customer can easily port the LAN bypass with their application program together.

Robust Connectivity

We adopt PCI and PCIe internal transaction bus for LAN chip, which can express the extreme of networking throughput and network communication in different networking utilization requirements.

Powerful Storage

Some of log and proxy data needs to be restored. Our SOHO NA platforms support SATA or IDE interface. Otherwise, some of platforms also support the RAID feature for data protection. AXIOMTEK's SOHO network appliance series is not only secure data but also has powerful storage.

Expansion Capability

The SOHO network security platforms support expansion slots for applications need to install various of peripheral cards, such as VPN encryption module, wireless module and another specify adapter card.

Solid Disk

Except the DiskonModule® and CompactFlash(TM), our SOHO network appliances also support the SMBus EEPROM (optional) on board. Customers can install or upgrade their firmware through this.

From custom bezels and logos to packing label and even change the number of LAN ports, system outlook and BIOS setting, AXIOMTEK takes care of all your needs to optimize your network business. The ODM service also could be severing upon customer requirement. For more information about our SOHO network security appliances, please visit or contact our sales representative at


Founded in 1990, AXIOMTEK Co., Ltd. is one of the world's leading designers/manufacturers of PC-based industrial computer (IPC) products. AXIOMTEK offers a wide array of CE, FCC & UL certified products including Embedded Board, Embedded Computer System, Panel PC, Medical Computer, Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution, Data Acquisition and Control Card, Industrial Chassis, Single Board Computer (SBC), Industrial Motherboard, Backplane, and Network Security Appliance (with a total of more than 400 products). AXIOMTEK's products are used in the industrial automation, data acquisition, DVR, DSA, gaming, building automation, medical, banking, entertainment, transportation, POS, POI, Kiosk, network security, telecom, and more.

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