Fume Extraction Vendor Supports Habitat Restoration and Environmental Education

When fume extraction supplier ULT entered the US market in early 2017, the company made a big promise: “We will plant a tree for every unit sold in the US.” Now that promise was kept.

On Friday, May 17th, ULT LLC fulfilled its commitment by supporting the planting of native tree and shrubs seedlings in Mequon, Wisconsin. ULT LLC paid the transportation costs for 150 City of Milwaukee children to plant seedlings at Mequon Nature Preserve (MNP).

Wolfgang Koehler, ULT LLC CEO explains: “In addition to contributing to environmental and nature support as promised, we decided to support school kids from the Milwaukee Public School System in experiencing nature positively. We do know that the very tied financial situation often does not allow for field trips like this. That’s why we had decided together with the Mequon Nature Preserve to bringing kids to the Nature Preserve. It is within our responsibility to make kids aware of the fragile balance in nature and the fact, that even small things like seedlings can make a huge positive impact.

The 444-acre Mequon Nature Preserve’s mission is to transform agricultural fields into a mosaic of historical forests, prairies and wetlands. Additionally, educational programming is provided to 10,000 children and adults annually to create an appreciation and understanding of nature, its complexity and fragility.

ULT LLC is focused on air cleaning solutions for several industries and applications. In addition to providing customers with welding fume extraction technology, systems for laser and soldering fume extraction, dust collection, filtration of gases, vapors and odors are now to support American companies to protect their values in the form of employees, machinery and products.

About ULT:

Founded in 1994, ULT is a global vendor of high efficiency industrial air filtration, fume extraction systems, and dust collectors. The wide range of equipment has been designed for use in many industries, such as machine construction, electronics production, and general manufacturing as well as medical and pharmacy. The product range offers turnkey products as well as custom-built units for special applications, e.g. for material processing by means of laser, soldering, welding etc. as well as onsite services. The company has been DIN EN ISO 9001 certified for more than 20 years.

Since early 2017, ULT LLC, headquartered in Mequon, WI takes care of US and North American customers, providing extraction and filtration solutions for occupational health and service.

Additional information on ULT LLC can be found online at www.ult-usa.com.

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