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Niama-Reisser, LLC - Columbus, OH

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Fuel Saving Products by NIAMA-REISSER, LLC

Press release date: Apr 04, 2014

Add NR-Metal-Ringless Ceramic Pistons to your build and increase performance and fuel savings

DETROIT - NIAMA-REISSER, LLC is a vehicle and propulsion service provider with STATE-OF-THE-ART Engineering and Manufacturing Offices. Having showcased the 200 MPG - NR-1- at the 81st International Geneva Auto Convention in Switzerland in 2011, the company is proud to present its public release of the NR-Metal-Ringless Ceramic Pistons.

Demonstrating its products on an over-road journey from Columbus, Ohio to Romulus, Michigan and back, the company is starting to create awareness, that indeed new fuel saving technologies exist that are ROADWORTHY today.

It doesn't take years to make a change! Instead OEMs and Aftermarket Suppliers can already access patented technologies by NIAMA-REISSER, LLC.

Heinz-Gustav Reisser, the CEO of the Company, says, "If OEM's are having issues in meeting EMISSION standards nationally and internationally, NIAMA-REISSER, LLC will be able to help them by supplying NEW and patented technology that will help them attain their emissions and performance goals."

According to the company, NIAMA-REISSER, LLC is able to supply CUSTOM/ENGINEERED and MANUFACTURED replacement pistons for any size gasoline automobile application within three-five months lead-time.

Reisser Explains: "All we need is one original piston and the application values associated with the engine: Displacement, Compression Ratio, Stroke, Bore Diameter, Horsepower, Torque, and the number of bores per engine block. Once we have these values, we can generate a brand new CAD Model of a proprietary replacement piston design, which will then be virtually tested in a Transient CAE Analysis."

The company is primarily targeting companies and businesses, which are interested in purchasing min. 200 application packs. At approximately 5000 packs ( V16 Engine = 16 pieces / pack) the company claims, application dependent, they can meet the current pricing for aluminum counterparts.

Tuners are welcome to inquire about racing application NR-Metal Ringless Ceramic Pistons, because the oscillating mass, compression pressure and burn temperature are better than with aluminum parts, which will increase performance, while reducing fuel consumption!

See for yourself:

To demonstrate the efficiency increase, the company is going to travel with two mechanically overhauled and identical Chevrolet Lumina APV vans (Van 1 has been retrofitted with NR-Metal-Ringless Ceramic Pistons vs. Van 2 has stock OEM Pistons) from Easton - Columbus-, Ohio to Romulus-Detroit-Michigan. The Company will hold an INTRODUCTORY PRESENTATION at the Hampton, Inn Hotel at Easton at 8:00 AM and will return to the same venue at 7:00 PM for a SUMMARY PRESENTATION, after having released its EFFICIENCY RESULTS in a RESULTS PRESENTATION at the Comfort, Inn Hotel in Romulus-Detroit.

Be apart in this moment of time, which will shape how internal combustion engines are going to be built in the 21st century.

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Contact: Heinz-Gustav Reisser, 877.829.2419 ext. 0