FTM Consulting and IGI Team up to Market Timely Industry Telecom and IT Reports

Dr. Paul Polishuk, President of the IGI Group , announced that IGI Consulting (IGIC) and Frank Murawski, President of FTM Consulting Inc. (FTM), have joined forces to develop and market reports of timely interest to the Telecommunications and Data communications industries. FTM has a long history of producing high quality market research reports.

FTM's market research reports provide not only detailed year-by-year , five - year forecast segmentations by product, market, applications and technology , but also provide insightful strategic analysis for use in marketing and business plan development. According to Frank Murawski, "This relationship will allow FTM to focus on what it does best, namely, production of high quality market research reports." This new arrangement fits nicely with IGI Consulting's new report series called "IGI Certified Reports" noted Dr. Polishuk. Many third party vendors promote a wide range of reports, but know little of their content or quality. IGI technical and marketing staff reviews all reports in this new service for quality and value before it agrees to market them under its own brand. The original producer's name is included on all reports , as well as access to the author.

Some of the recent report produced by FTM include:

o Data Center Cabling Systems Market

o VOIP Cabling Systems Market

o Security Video Camera Cabling Systems

o Structured Cabling Systems

o Gigabit Ethernet Fiber & Copper Cabling Systems

o Nanotechnology: Worldwide IC Market

o Impact of Nanoelectronics on the US Electronics Industry

o Industrial Ethernet Cabling Systems Market

For more details on each of these reports and tables of contents see IGI Certified Reports.

About FTM Consulting Inc.

FTM Consulting , Inc. (FTM) is a market research and consulting firm founded more than 20 years ago by Frank Murawski. For the past 15 years, FTM has focused on the data communications structured cabling systems (SCS) market , publishing many market research reports on various aspects of this marketplace. As a result , FTM is now the authoritative source for market forecasts and analysis of this market. FTM 's report customers include the major SCS industry participants , such as CommScope, Belden/CDT, BerkTek, Hubbell, Panduit and many others. Custom consulting SCS projects include market analysis for clients , such as Dupont, Corning, Bell Labs and many others.

In addition, Frank Murawski, President of FTM , is a member of the Society of Industry Leaders that provide consultation and advice to investment banking firms , including venture capital firms. Recent market research report expansion coverage includes reports on the developing nanotechnology market.

About IGI Group

The Information Gatekeepers Group, headquartered in Brighton, Massachusetts, USA, is an internationally recognized publisher, trade show organizer, consultancy and information service provider in the fields of fiber optics, optical networks, WDM, ADSL, ATM, Internet, high-speed Local Area Networks (LANs), wireless, and the emerging telecom markets, such as China, Brazil, India, South America, Mexico, Asia-Pacific and Russia. IGI publishes more than 31 newsletters in the telecommunications field and more than 20 market studies a year. Supporting the IGI Group outside the United States are 10 offices and/or agents in key telecommunications markets that perform both sales and data collection functions. Founded in 1977, the IGI Group now consists of two divisions: Information Gatekeepers Inc. (IGI) and IGI Consulting (IGIC), each of which produces unique information products and services for the telecommunication industry

For more information contact:

Dr. Paul Polishuk,

Information Gatekeepers Inc.,

320 Washington Street, Suite 302,

Boston, MA 02135,


Fax 617-782-5735,


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