From COTS to Embedded Gateways, Aculab Shows MILCOM how to Connect

Permanent installations and deployed command centres must interoperate with civilian and military telecom systems. Aculab and GroomerII make it easy.

Milton Keynes, UK - Aculab, a leading provider of enabling technology for the global communications market, today announced that it will display its award-winning Prosody, GroomerII, and ApplianX products at the upcoming MILCOM conference, scheduled for October 31 through November 3 at the San Jose Convention Center in California.

"The integration of military telecom systems with local government, public infrastructure, and military units in various regions is a critical component for facilitating smooth military and emergency services operations," said Ian Colville, Aculab Product Manager. "It is common for deployed military units to connect with local telecom infrastructure to enable coordination with local law enforcement and governmental authorities. GroomerII and ApplianX gateways enable this interconnection through support for a broad range of operating protocols and physical layer connections utilised by telecom providers worldwide. MILCOM provides an excellent forum for showcasing these robust and practical solutions to the specific organisations that rely on these technologies in order to fulfil their operational objectives."

Support for military-centric protocols and codecs in Aculab's Prosody X DSP and Prosody S HMP media processing platforms have been recognised for their flexibility in connecting telecom systems for secure and non-secure communications. Aculab's support of the V150.1 protocol allows Secure Telephone Units (STUs) and other encrypted telecom devices to transit a Voice over IP (VoIP) network while maintaining the secure nature of the transmission. The MELPe voice codec, required by many military telecom systems, provides low bitrate encoding of voice with excellent performance in less than optimal transmission environments.

Frequently, local government or law enforcement offices have a PBX in place to provide telecom services. Gateways from Aculab feature COTS plug-and-play devices that facilitate interconnect and translation from most proprietary PBX telecom protocols to telecom standards such as SIP, Q.SIG, and Tactical ISDN. "During deployments, the ease and speed with which communications can be established between military forces and local entities can be critical to overall success," commented Colville. "The same holds true when connecting between military units from different parts of the world whose equipment likely reflects the telecom standards from their region."

Aculab also supports Fax over IP (FoIP) through the T.38 standard found in its Prosody and ApplianX products. Fax is still used extensively by military units, and the ability to carry mission critical fax traffic on an IP connection is a fundamental requirement of many implementations.

In permanent military installations, robust gateways such as GroomerII, provide infrastructure interconnections between VoIP networks and traditional telephony infrastructure. Service Provider class features such as physical redundant operation, dual-redundant SS7 capability, and hardened chassis, ensure maximum uptime of critical military communications networks.

To learn about GroomerII, ApplianX, Prosody, and Aculab's custom development and professional services, visit us at MILCOM booth 1337, October 31 through November 3.
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About Aculab

Aculab is an innovative, market leading company that provides world class IP and media processing boards and software to the global communications market. With many years of experience in helping to drive our customers' success, our enabling technology provides the essential components required to deliver multimodal voice, data, fax and video solutions for use within IP, PSTN and mobile networks - with performance levels that are second to none.

Aculab serves the evolving needs of developers, integrators, service providers and equipment manufacturers with cost-effective, deployment proven, high performance products. Companies worldwide have adopted our technology for a wide variety of business critical services and solutions.

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