Freeze Frame! Action Bearing Positions New Photography Division

For many videographers and photographers, you only get one opportunity at a shot and you absolutely do not want to miss it or get an out-of-focus shot because your tripod failed to remain locked in place. By maintaining your equipment with the proper bearings, you can keep your focus, literally and figuratively, on the shot at hand. And that's why Action Bearing recently launched a new division to supply bearings and related products for stillness equipment used for both traditional photography and video cameras.

Hand-held gimbals and aerial mounts, typically used to photograph and video high-speed sporting events like the recently concluded Olympics, are a primary market for Action Bearing products. We also sell needle, ball and plain bearings, as well as lubricants and adhesives as part of this new division.

"A manufacturer of some of the best known equipment in Hollywood recently approached us about a high-speed track mounted camera system, meant to film high speed sports such as speed-skating and horse racing. With high speeds and relatively large moment loads, he had been unable to find a bearing with tight enough tolerances, that could perform consistently," said Steve Katz, president of Action Bearing. "After a couple of phone conversations, we identified the appropriate bearing. Weeks later the manufacturer called to thank us. His product was working perfectly and the only performance that was more impressive than the athletes' was his camera's."

As part of the new division, photography division, customers have access to industry specialists for recommendations on the right bearings for mounting units for both video cameras and still photography cameras. Action Bearing Marketing Specialist Mike Quinn is responsible for the Photography division. He can be reached by e-mail at or by calling 1-800-225-4587.

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