Fox Thermal Publishes White Paper

MARINA, Calif. – Fox Thermal Instruments announced today the publication of the white paper titled “Flare and Combustor Gas Measurement: Applications, Regulations, and Challenges”. This white paper describes the various regulations that are having an impact on the industries where flares and combustors are being used. The most affected group is the Oil Gas Industry as it uses flares and combustors in great numbers to burn waste gas. This white paper can be used as a convenient guide for industry professionals that need a flow meter technology for:

• Very low flows and upset conditions common to flare gas measurement

• Mandated monitoring devices with an accuracy of ±2%, ±5%, or ±7.5% or better

• Verification of instrument calibration without the need to remove from the process

• Harsh and remote environments, such as offshore platforms Fox thermal flow meters are commonly used to provide accurate gas flow measurement for flare and combustor applications.

Benefits of Fox meters in these applications include:

• Direct mass flow measurement at very low flow rates

• Superb turndown for upset conditions: up to 1000:1

• Accuracy specification that exceeds regulation requirements for monitoring devices

• In-situ Calibration Validation for mandated verification of device calibration

• Easy to install – insertion and inline styles available

• Rugged, low-maintenance design - available with remote sensors

Fox thermal mass flow meters provide the real-time measurement required for sophisticated combustion control systems, as well as other critical flow measurement applications. These include compressed air metering, wastewater aeration, hydrogen monitoring, landfill monitoring, purge monitoring, and the measurement of flare, combustor, vent and natural gas.

This white paper has been published electronically and is available for download or in print version by request at


Fox Thermal Instruments is a privately owned and operated company that is rapidly growing. With the demand for monitoring devices growing each year, Fox strives to become the leader in innovative products and to provide exceptional customer service. Fox’s commitment to producing quality, cost-effective instruments has helped the company build strong relationships with its customers at home and abroad. More information on Fox Thermal Instruments can be found at  

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