Forrest Manufacturing's Concave Face Blade Delivers Chip-Free Cuts on Melamine Board

Special Design Works on All Saw Machines to Cut
Particle Board Laminates and Foam Core Moldings

CLIFTON, New Jersey, April 3, 2007--Forrest Manufacturing announced today that its Concave Face blade has overcome the challenges of smoothly cutting melamine-coated particle board. The blade's unique hollow-concave face grind actually produces chip-free cuts on both sides of melamine board, one of the most common products used in kitchen cabinetmaking shops, but also one of the most difficult to cut without chipping. In addition to being ideal for all types of particle board laminates, the Concave Face is also the right choice for cutting foam core moldings. Its unique design and smooth operation prevent delicate foam core moldings from melting while being cut.

Precision Engineering for Strength and Sharpness
Like all Forrest blades, the Concave Face is made to exacting standards for clean,
quiet, and precise cuts. The plate is hand straightened and has exceptional perimeter
concentricity and side runout. Tipped with corrosion resistant, C-4 micrograin carbide
teeth and sharpened with specially-made diamond grit grinding wheels, the Concave Face is 40 percent stronger and lasts up to 300 percent longer between sharpenings than other blades used for particle board laminates. Since each tooth bears the same chip load as the others, the Concave Face cuts with minimal splintering and tearouts, and as quietly as blades with extra slots that compromise blade strength

Sizes for All Saw Machines
The Concave Face blade comes in metric and standard sizes with a choice of 48, 50, and 60 teeth, and 30 mm, 5/8-inch, and one-inch center hole sizes. The 48- and 60-teeth blades are ideal for cutting flakeboard laminates. For polystyrene foam core moldings, the 50- and 60-teeth metric and 48- and 60-teeth standard blades are recommended. Every Forrest blade is made in the U.S.A. and comes with a 30-day full-refund guarantee. Plus, state-of-the-art factory sharpening is available to ensure optimal blade performance and long life.

About Forrest Manufacturing
Forrest Manufacturing is a family-owned business founded in 1946 and
renowned for its quality products and superior customer service. In addition to its all-purpose table and circular saw blades, Forrest produces a variety of custom and specialty blades, including thin rim, heavy duty rip, and nonferrous metal-cutting blades. Forrest
blades are available direct from the factory, or from fine-quality dealers, retailers, and catalogs.

Jay Forrest, Vice President

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