Forklift Laser Guidance Systems Raise the Bar

Lasers Meet the Needs of a Demanding and Ever-Changing Industry

US Lasers is proud to introduce a series of revolutionary expansions on its already popular forklift laser guidance system. The unit is generally mounted on the lift's carriage, providing operators with constant visual reference to exact fork-tip location when placing or retrieving product from storage space. The primary purposes of the Tine-Guide(TM) laser are to reduce product loss and operational costs, while at the same time increasing safety, productivity, and profit. These affordable units challenge operation efficiency and optimize warehouse operations, providing users with both value and accuracy they can see.

The latest Tine-Guide(TM) features make every effort to cater to the diverse settings of the warehouse environment. New models include height control units for heavily populated warehouses, waterproof units designed for cold storage and high-humidity environments, dual laser units that use one laser to guide the forks into the pallet and the other to guide the pallet onto the rack, as well as fork mounted units for trucks with irregular or non-standard fork carriages. The Tine-Guide(TM) lasers are battery powered, self-contained units, but along with the additional features above comes US Lasers' new V70 series which wires directly to the fork-truck electrical system or battery. These new models are certain to serve as critical benchmarks in the forklift and laser industries.

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