FOR-A: IBC 2010 Press Preview

Stand 2.A51 RAI Amsterdam 10-14 September

Chessington, UK, August 19, 2010 - FOR-A, a leading manufacturer of video and audio systems for the broadcast and professional video industries, is introducing new products that offer practical solutions for today's video professionals. These range from archiving file-based video to vision mixers and assistance for live 3D acquisition. At the show FOR-A is once again partnering with Brainstorm to present the latest developments in the award-winning VRCAM sensor-less virtual studio.

LTR-100HS - LTO-5 Video Archiving Recorder
Developed as a part of FOR-A's on-going file-based workflow solutions, the new LTR-100HS video archiving recorder conveniently bridges the gap between video and file-based LTO-5 storage by means of a neat one-box solution. Housed in a half-width 3RU unit that includes an LCD video monitor, 2 terabytes of hard disc storage, VTR-style controls and an LTO-5 data cassette deck along with HD/SD-SDI video and audio connections. It records and replays file-based MEPG2 MXF at up to 50 Mb/s that, on the compact (102.0 x 105.4 x 21.5 mm) 1.5-terabyte LTO-5 cassettes, has a video running time of 50 hours. LTO-5's Linear Tape File System (LTFS) is open technology, which enables reading and writing files on PCs as ordinary external storage, will be widely supported by many major companies in the IT industry. Users can store programmes or unedited footage onto LTO-5 cartridges, place them on the shelf, or take a pack of material on site to support OB or other remote operations - all within the file-based domain. The system is also suitable for creating large-scale archives.

Peter Jones, Managing Director FOR-A (UK), comments, "For years the industry has been striving to achieve tapeless workflows but when we got there people realised they still need tape. The LTR-100HS provides the answer with an easy way to store and replay video with file-based LTO-5 tape. It's compact, fast, efficient and widely compatible with IT-based platforms."

HVS-350HS Vision Mixer

The HVS-350HS is a new compact 1.5 M/E mixer in FOR-A's HANABI range. Building on the success of the HVS-300HS 1 M/E, this low-cost versatile mixer is bundled with capabilities that offer wide scope for on-air presentation while greatly reducing the need for external interface and monitoring equipment.

The HVS-350HS provides eight inputs and outputs as standard, with expansion to 24 inputs and 12 outputs. HD/SD-SDI I/O is standard, with a variety of other formats available to support analogue video and PC sources. Built-in frame synchronizers on each input and a resizing engine on four inputs allow asynchronous signals - including HD, SD, analogue, and PC video - to be mixed into the same programme.

Other standard features include two keyers and four DSK channels with 2.5D DVE, four stills stores and a dual-channel 16-split multi-viewer. The HVS-350HS also provides more than 100 2D and 3D transitions and effects including dual-channel 3D DVE, along with two channels of dedicated picture-in-picture with 2.5D DVE, event memory and sequence functions, an on-screen display for easy setting changes, a four-screen video-wall function and stereoscopic 3D provision.

A new 1.5 M/E traditional control panel, optimised for the HVS-350HS, includes 20 bus buttons, dedicated fade levers for M/E and P/P buses, three-axis joystick and a USB interface for storing and recalling stills and switcher set-ups. The control panel is connected to the 3 RU main unit by a single BNC cable - meaning that monitoring and control are connected to the main unit by just two BNC cables. There are four additional ways to operate the HVS-350HS, including a new 1.5 M/E rack-sized panel and PC software.

CEQ-100HS HD/SD Colour Equalizer/3D Processor

FOR-A is renowned for its image processing capabilities and the new CEQ-100HS Colour Equalizer makes good use of these to support live 3D production with easy-to-use controls. Using image recognition technology the CEQ-100HS provides a suite of corrective features including accurate automatic colour calibration of two live camera channels. Storage is included for reference colour calibration / correction parameters as well as for standard colour calibration charts. Each of the two channels includes a frame synchroniser.

The CEQ-100HS also provides corrections that include axis and vertical adjustments between the two cameras of a stereo 3D rig as well as calculating the parallax. There is a 3D encoder so that 3D monitoring options are possible for live 3D camera checks. The control GUI breaks new ground by providing clear straightforward adjustments of 3D parameters. Applications include equalising the two cameras of beam-splitter 3D rigs, where the cameras receive different light via the half-mirrored splitter. Here the horizontal/vertical flips is aslo useful.

FA-9500 Multi-purpose Signal Processor

The FA-9500 is THE multi-purpose signal processor and frame synchroniser that features a modular design to provide a one-box solution for the required mix of video and audio processing needs. A replacement for the popular FA-9100, the FA-9500 offers a huge range functions including support for 3G-SDI, HD/SD-SDI, and composite analogue video, up/down/cross and aspect ratio converters, a colour corrector and automatic video optimisation (AVO). There are also options to add more I/Os, frame-rate conversion, logo generation and Dolby E encoder and decoder.

About FOR-A
FOR-A is a major manufacturer and distributor of video and audio systems to the broadcast, postproduction and professional video markets. For more information visit our web site at

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