Focus on Embedded PCs, Network Security and Gaming Platform

CeBIT which has been going since 1986, is the worlds leading trade fair in 2007, for development and trends in the information and communications technology market. Acrosser wants to open up further market opportunities with their presence at CeBIT: embedded SBCs, embedded system, networking platform for network security and gamming control platform, whose applications are focused on PC-based embedded control Network security and Gaming machines.

The robust and reliable embedded PCs are used for example in industrial automation, medical instruments, vehicle computer, electronic signage, fire wall, VPN, IP PBX, slot machines and lottery terminals. The longevity of devices as well as high quality and components based on open standards plays a very important role. Acrosser's embedded PCs make PC based control technology available in miniature format for all trades and professions.

Embedded SBC and system

Acrosser Embedded SBCs and systems enable integration of the IT and automation worlds with high quality and reliable industrial PC technology. PC-based embedded computers are based on Intel and AMD's processor and chipsets: from low cost 486 to high performance dual core processors. The single board computers are designed with various small form factors as EPIC, 3.5" and PC-104.

The embedded system offers well integration the right technology for SBC, thermal solution, chassis and power supply. Many fanless and dust proof embedded systems, that will make the system even more reliable for embedded applications, will be presented at CeBIT. What is new for example, are the 133MHz 486 PC-104 SBC, Intel Core 2 Duo SBC and AMD Turion SBC together with miniature format embedded systems.

XFire Network Appliance

Acrosser has focused in providing multiple levels networking appliance for many years. With her experience of designing high reliability industrial computer and working with well known network equipment providers, the network appliance platforms are widely used for firewall, VPN, wireless gateway and IP PBX industries. The network appliance platforms are focused at middle to high performance application with rack mount as well as micro box designs. In Cebit 2007, Acrosser will present her latest products Xfire series range from AMD GX2 to Pentium M processors with multiple Ethernet ports.

Gaming Platform Wager

Using industrial PC as the hardware platform of gaming like video slot machine and lottery terminal has been a trend to full fill the longevity and graphic intensive demand of games. Except for the basic PC features, the gaming platform should also be designed with many specific features to meet the gaming machine regulations. Acrosser will present in Cebit 2007 her latest technology for gaming specific features. These gaming specific features for example, are PCI interface battery backup SRAM, digital I/O with interrupt, ccTalk, intrusion logger, software security, timer and read only RTC. Acrosser has the most completed solutions and product line for PC-based gaming machine application.

About Acrosser

Founded in 1987, Acrosser is one of the leading suppliers of industrial computing hardware in the world. To make life easier by taking advantage of advanced automated technology, Acrosser was the first to develop the revolutionary ROM/SRAM disk card, which solved the disk-drive stability problems that plagued early industrial automation industry. Acrosser offers a complete product line that would help customers to succeed in various industries such as Networking, Industrial Automation, POS/POI/KIOSK/ATM, and Gaming/Multimedia. More information about Acrosser is available at

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