Focus Media Expands its Digital Outdoor Billboard Network in Shanghai

SHANGHAI, China, Dec. 3 - Focus Media Holding Limited (NASDAQ:FMCN), China's largest digital media group, today announced the launch of its first large-size LED digital outdoor billboard in Shanghai.

Through a renewable contract with the Shanghai government, Focus Media acquired the right to operate a 1500 square foot LED digital billboard on a boat navigating roundtrip along the bund area in Shanghai. The large-size digital billboard is an important addition to our current iStreet Network of over 200 digital LED advertising panels covering Shanghai's major high traffic commercial areas. The launch of the large-size digital billboard marks an important milestone of Focus Media's continuing effort to strengthen its digital out-of-home coverage of urban consumers in China.

Focus Media Holding Limited (NASDAQ:FMCN) is China's leading multi-platform digital media company, operating the largest out-of-home advertising network in China using audiovisual digital displays, based on the number of locations and number of flat-panel television displays in our network, and is also a leading provider of mobile handset advertising and Internet marketing solutions in China. Through Focus Media's multi-platform digital advertising network, the company reaches urban consumers at strategic locations and point-of-interests over a number of media formats, including audiovisual television displays in buildings and stores, advertising poster frames and other new and innovative media, such as outdoor light-emitting diode or LED digital billboard, mobile handset advertising networks and Internet advertising platforms. As of September 30, 2007, Focus Media's digital out-of-home advertising network had approximately 95,398 LCD display in its commercial location network, approximately 43,315 LCD displays in its in-store network and 170,605 advertising in-elevator poster frames, installed in over 90 cities throughout China, and approximately 200 outdoor LED billboard displays in Shanghai. For more information about Focus Media, please visit our website at

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Source: Focus Media Holding Limited

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