Flotron: The Number One Choice for Quality Rotation Fixtures

Vista, California – Since 1957 Flotron has been an Industry leader in California.  Flotron specializes in the design and manufacturing of Rotation Fixtures, circuit card extraction tools and circuit card insertion tools. Flotron's rotational holding fixtures support ergonomic assembly and integration along with testing.

The rotation fixture products are used to support finish operations and transportation among other manufacturing processes. The company's off-the-shelf product line provides anything from a 50 lbs capacity bench top assembly fixture to a 5,000 lbs capacity motorized spacecraft positioner. Willing to offer modified standards, the company accommodates special customer requests to add non-standard features to the off-the-shelf product line. Furthermore, the enterprise designs custom solutions to meet very special customer specifications. The in-house team of experienced engineers work with customers to design the perfect custom solution.

"We are ready to support your team with anything from Off-the-Shelf and Modified Standard, to Custom Solutions. We believe in improving processes for our customers' technicians through the application of ergonomic rotation. Our products consider safety factors, and are backed by our tool design engineers' decades of experience. We provide engineered mechanical ground support equipment solutions that are trusted to support the highest value hardware. The added engineering expertise, powerful standalone stress analysis software and computer aided design tools benefit clients," states a company spokesperson.

With a qualified engineering team, that has experience meeting a variety of customer applications including small satellite production line assembly fixtures. The holding fixtures manufacturer also offers manual composite layup fixtures, composite paint fixtures and RF testing fixtures.

As PCB extractor manufacturers they have the capability to design custom hand tools to remove circuit card assemblies from the respective chassis. The company's ability to minimize the potential for circuit card assembly (CCA) damage has made the enterprise popular with a wide range of clientele.

Flotron has the ultimate goal to maximize safety, ergonomics and throughput of the technicians' process along with minimizing risk of damage to high value hardware.

About Flotron

Flotron has been in business since 1957, and excels in the design and manufacture of anything from small satellite production line assembly fixtures to manual composite layup fixtures. To learn more, visit www.flotron.com.

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