Florida Highway Patrol Deploys 2,050 TASER X2 Smart Weapons

TASER Announces Numerous Weapons Orders

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., – TASER International (NASDAQ: TASR) today announced multiple orders of its TASER® brand next generation Smart Weapons. These orders were received and shipped in the third quarter.

Significant TASER Smart Weapon orders:

 • Albany County Sheriff's Office (WY): 40 TASER® X26P™ Smart Weapons, TASER Assurance Plan (TAP)

 • Alpharetta Department of Public Safety (GA): 150 TASER® X2™ Smart Weapons

 • Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZ): 297 X2s

 • Austin Police Department (TX): 100 X26Ps

 • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (WV): 100 X26Ps

 • Camden County Police Department (NJ): 50 X2s with TASER® Cam™ HD recorders

 • Cedar Rapids Police Department (IA): 43 X26Ps

 • Charleston Police Department (SC): 379 X26Ps

 • Chickasaw Nation Division of Commerce (OK): 90 X26Ps with TASER Cam HD recorders, TAP

 • Cincinnati Police Department (OH): 640 X26Ps

 • Clearwater Police Department (FL): 200 X26Ps

 • Dallas Police Department (TX): 87 X26Ps

 • Davie Police Department (FL): 114 X26Ps with TASER Cam HD recorders

 • Edmond Police Department (OK): 73 X26Ps, TAP

 • Florida Highway Patrol (FL): 2,050 X2s

 • Fort Collins Police Department (CO): 63 X26Ps

 • Hamilton County Court (OH): 41 X2s

 • Highland Park Department of Public Safety (TX): 50 X26Ps with TASER Cam HD recorders

 • Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (IL): 78 X2s with TASER Cam HD recorders

 • International Order: 40 X26Ps with 50 TASER Cam HD recorders

 • International Order: 84 X2s

 • International Order: 94 X26Ps

 • International Order: 150 X26Ps

 • International Order: 430 X2s

 • Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (FL): 217 X26Ps

 • Las Vegas Metro Police Department (NV): 231 X26Ps

 • Louisville Metro Police Department (KY): 120 X2s

 • Miami-Dade Police Department (FL): 150 X2s

 • New Castle County Police Department (DE): 64 X26Ps

 • Newport News Police Department (VA): 110 X2s

 • Office of Motor Vehicle Enforcement (IA): 106 X26P

 • Oregon State Police (OR): 45 X2s, TAP

 • Pasquotank County Sheriff's Department (NC): 55 X26Ps, TAP

 • Pennsylvania State Police Training Academy (PA): 102 X26Ps

 • Philadelphia Police Department (PA): 500 X26Ps

 • Portsmouth Police Department (NH): 43 X26Ps

 • Round Rock Police Department (TX): 40 X26Ps, TAP

 • Santa Ana Police Department (CA): 100 X26Ps

 • Sacramento Police Department (CA): 80 X26Ps

 • Texas Department of Public Safety (TX): 93 X26Ps

 • Troy Police Department (MI): 52 X26Ps

 • Union County Sheriff's Office (NC): 70 X2

 • U.S. Customs and Border Protection Advanced Training Center (WV): 523 X2s

 • U.S. Secret Service (DC): 90 X2s

 • University of Tennessee (TN): 50 X26Ps, TAP

 • Virgin Islands Police Department (VI): 40 X26Ps with TASER Cam HD recorders

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Steve Tuttle

Vice President of Communications

TASER International, Inc.


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