First Remote Live Demo at EMC 2016

Consider the Possibilities

Empower RF Systems is conducting remote live demonstrations of our broadband, high power amplifier at the IEEE EMC Symposium at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa July 26 – 28th , 2016, Booth 322.

The amplifier will be housed in Los Angeles while viewed in the Ottawa exhibit venue with live streaming video while controlling the amplifier from the exhibit floor through a standard web browser. What you will see is a demonstration of remote operation of the Empower 2170 1KW RF amplifier in a test setup that includes a signal generator, spectrum analyzer, external power meter, and load, simulating In-Situ EMC testing.

You might not have considered remote control and monitoring if your Kilowatt amplifier is so large that it can’t be moved.  Now, with Empower’s industry leading size, weight, and power combined with the industry first COTS IoT amplifier, a whole new world of possibilities is available for In-Situ EMC testing for Mil STD RS103, HIRF, Automotive 600v/m Pulse to name a few.

“Empower is bringing the element of portability to high power RF amplifiers with small size that allows these amplifiers to be conveniently shipped for offsite testing  and moved around as needed within your test environment “

Here are just a few capabilities and attributes that make our amplifiers the most technologically advanced in the world.  Consider the possibilities for your EMC testing.

Empower Next Generation Amplifiers

Size, Weight, Power (SWaP) Best In Class Power Density

Remote Monitoring Control 1st Ever IoT COTS Amplifier

COTS Rugged Design Qualified in Extreme Environments

Ease of Service Optimize Performance and Monitor Critical Component Status Locally and Remotely

Accurate Metering Smart Amplifier Uses DSP Techniques to Measure Actual Power Levels  Regardless of Modulation Scheme

Selectable Output Power Control Modes Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Automatic Level Control (ALC) Manual Gain Control (MGC)

User Configurable Operating

Pre-Sets Maximizes Performance and Protection Based on Your EMC Test Modes and Modulation Types

Modulation Capabilities Digital Modulation, Multi-tone, Frequency Hopping, AM,FM,Pulse

We look forward to seeing you in Ottawa and discussing how remote access and portability can become a differentiator for your EMC test services.

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