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Fingerprint Development Guide Created for Forensic Customers

Press release date: Oct 06, 2010

(Marietta, OH, October 6, 2010) A new fingerprint development guide is now available to download online. The guide, called "Processes to Develop Latent Prints on Porous Surfaces," is written by Bob Dotterer, Applications Engineer, a major contributor to the concept and actual design of Caron's Fingerprint Development Chamber, Model 6105.

"This guide will provide forensic scientists with insight into which processes are most beneficial when using the Fingerprint Development Chamber," Dotterer said. "It also shows the versatility of the chamber and provides interesting illustrations to both the scientist and the general public about the chemistry that goes on when developing fingerprints."

Caron's Fingerprint Development Chamber was introduced in 2006 and is used by federal, state and local forensic laboratories and law enforcement agencies. The Model 6105 is designed to accelerate the development of latent fingerprints on porous surfaces. Fingerprints are detected at a faster rate and with better clarity by precisely controlling conditions of high temperature and high relative humidity, allowing fingerprints to develop in just minutes - not days like some conventional methods.

The chamber features rapid condition recovery after the door is opened and closed. The large viewing area with light offers easy observation of critical evidence.

The new fingerprint development guide is written to explain the most effectual fingerprint developing techniques in a list of chronological steps, illustrated by flowcharts.

"I chose to explain the multiple processes to develop prints using flow charts because they effectively convey the overall process involved," Dotterer said. "It also visually creates a great illustration of the different chemicals used in fingerprint development."

To download the guide, "Processes to Develop Latent Prints on Porous Surfaces" visit, click on the "Sales & Support" tab and then click on "Product Library/Users Manual."

To learn more about Caron's Fingerprint Development Chamber, email Customer Service at or call 800-648-3042. US customers can now purchase the Model 6105 online on Caron's new forensic website,