Finding Ways To Better Serve Our Customers

BC Engineering and Design is constantly seeking ways to better serve our customers. One service that we feel will better serve our customers is the ability to reach our customers quickly and be time responsive.

By using General Aviation (GA) we have the ability to reach customers in a couple of hours rather than a half day travel. For instance, travel by car to Orlando, Florida, takes the better part of a day, yet travel by GA is accessible in about 2 hours. Likewise travel to Chattanooga, Tennessee, or Birmingham, Alabama takes less than 2 hours. There are no hassles with commercial air travel schedules, shipping of equipment, or connections at major hubs. Last minute travel arrangements are generally very expensive if you are able to book a seat.

The owner is a licensed, instrument rated private pilot. Attending planning and scheduling meetings becomes a one day trip without an overnight hotel stay in most cases.Sight surveys can be conducted in the same manner.

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