Filtered Air System Item # 4877 has an innovative filtered air system, item # 4877. For decades employees have complained about cold air blowing on them from overhead air diffusers. The Filtered Air System will eliminate the draft while filtering the air, improving indoor air quality. Four-way airflow reduces cold and hot spots while creating a more uniform ambient temperature throughout the room.  Hangs only 2.75" down from the ceiling; discreet enough for use in an office, restaurant, hotel or retail setting. Filters trap ductwork pollution particle improving air quality which helps to reduce allergic reaction and illness.  Helps prevent dust buildup on acoustical ceiling tiles, maintaining a cleaner appearance. Installs with ease on any 24" x 24" drop ceiling with a T-Bar grid system.  2 sets of filters are included with each system. Filters last about 6 months and replacements are sold separately. NO tools required. All parts included.  Outside dimensions: 25" x 25" x 2.75".

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Filtered Air System 

Item # 4877

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