FieldServer Technologies' ProtoNode BACnet Gateways Awarded BTL Certification

FieldServer Technologies' ProtoNode BACnet protocol gateways from the ProtoCessor group has received a BTL Certification under device profile B-ASC. ProtoCessor group from FieldServer Technologies provides protocol gateway solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturer's enabling them to meet their end users needs.

These devices are the first and only BACnet BTL certified BACnet protocol gateways on the market today. BACnet International BACnet Testing Laboratory (BTL) certification is the highest level of BACnet conformance tests available for BACnet products. Products that are BTL certified are view by the BACnet community, as the highest quality and most reliable products on the market today.

ProtoNode is designed for original equipment manufacturers needing a quick and easy path to enable their new and legacy devices to interface with Building and Energy Automation networks. Key advantages of ProtoNode are:

  • DIP switches for fast installation: Sets MAC address, Node-ID, and Baud Rate on RS-485 port. Auto Baud is supported on BACnet MS/TP.

  • Multi-protocol support on single ProtoNode for flexibility as networks change in the field.

  • 1 ProtoNode SKU can store multiple configuration files which are selectable via DIP switches. This feature allows OEMs with multiple different controllers to automatically support 1 or multiple protocols on 1 ProtoNode.

  • BACnet COV support provides fast data communication while reducing the traffic over a BACnet network.

  • The ProtoNode provide protocols translation between any of these protocols Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, BACnet MS/TP, BACnet/IP, JCI Metasys N2, DNP3, and Allen Bradley EtherNet IP.

  • Fast and easy installation. Set the DIP switches and connect the power.

  • Flash upgradable.

    In addition to the ProtoNode, the ProtoCarrier/ProtoCessor package that is the heart of the ProtoNode also has the BTL Mark. Due to FieldServer Technologies' efforts with the BACnet Testing Laboratory, OEM's incorporating ProtoCessor products into their device, can now can achieve BTL certification for their product with reduced BTL testing.

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    About FieldServer Technologies and ProtoCessor

    FieldServer Technologies, a wholly owned division of Sierra Monitor Corporation (OTC BB: SRMC.OB) based in California, designs and markets a broad line of devices that enhance communication between various instruments, systems, machines and other devices that utilize non-compatible data protocols. The FieldServer combined with the extensive driver library makes the perfect package to achieve interoperability. Drivers included in this library are Modbus, LonWorks, BACnet, Metasys, Allen Bradley EtherNet/IP, plus drivers for fire alarm panels, controllers, and many other proprietary and legacy devices.

    The ProtoCessor brand incorporates the proven FieldServer technology into a package designed for OEMs to incorporated on-board protocol conversion in their product, meeting the needs of their end-users. For more information about FieldServer Technologies, please visit


    Stephen R. Ferree


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