Fieldbus Foundation Releases Updated HSE Test Kit

HCTK 2.0 features enhanced capabilities for compliance testing "Class 42c" devices

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 24, 2006 -- The Fieldbus Foundation today announced the release of the High Speed Ethernet (HSE) Conformance Test Kit 2.0. The new test kit version provides enhanced capabilities for development and testing of FOUNDATION(TM) Class 42c HSE field and linking devices.

The HCTK 2.0 test kit is a complete package that allows the user to ensure a manufacturer's stack conforms to the official HSE registration testing completed by the Fieldbus Foundation. An excellent tool for troubleshooting and debugging HSE devices, this test kit will verify the correct communication behavior of an HSE device as defined in the HSE specifications.

HCTK 2.0 advances the testing compliance of HSE devices from the Class 42a-2 profile (supporting configuration of H1 devices from HSE) to the Class 42c profile (allowing automatic exchange of function block parameters between H1 ports, and between H1 and HSE). The test kit includes additional test cases for testing device compliance with the extended Class 42c HSE protocol.

The Fieldbus Foundation's manager-fieldbus products, Stephen Mitschke, said, "With the release of the HCTK 2.0, device developers have a powerful tool making it easier to develop, test and register Class 42c HSE devices. The foundation is committed to supporting the developer community by expanding its portfolio of device interoperability and conformance testing solutions."

The new HCTK 2.0 version features a Bridge Function Tester, including both hardware and software, for testing bridging capabilities between two separate H1 fieldbus links through an HSE linking device. The H1-H1 Bridge provides synchronous communication between different H1 links and maintains the periodic (isochronous) communication between the measurement and final element. For the end users, the 42C linking device enhances interoperability, establishing peer-to-peer communication across individual segments.

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About the Fieldbus Foundation(TM)
The Fieldbus Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation consisting of over 350 leading process and manufacturing automation companies worldwide whose major purpose is to provide an open and neutral environment for the development of a single, international, interoperable fieldbus. In this environment, end users, manufacturers, universities and research organizations are working together to develop the technology, provide development tools, support and training, coordinate field trials and demonstrations, and enable product interoperability. Visit their web site at

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