FiberStar Marking & Engraving Systems

FiberStar turnkey marking, engraving and cutting systems offer the benefits of a non-contact, abrasion-resistant, permanent laser mark onto almost any type of material.

A wide range of standard and custom platforms are available incorporating fiber laser source technology. Select a standard platform or custom designed workstation which offers the speed, reliability and flexibility required for meeting stringent quality control and process certification standards.

FiberStar marking systems range from a simple enclosure to an advanced, integrated XYZ motion for step-and-repeat laser marking or coordinated rotary motion for seamlessly marking around a circumference, all controlled through the marking software.

As a turnkey solution provider, LaserStar's Applications Specialists will evaluate your marking or engraving requirements, define the application goals and objectives, specify and verify the correct marking platform, and define a complete system configuration to accomplish the desired results.

Solar & Semiconductor o Bio Sensor Production o Thin Film Polymers
General Marking & Engraving Automotive (Parts and Displays) o ID Cards & Mobile Phones
Medical Devices & Implants o Electronics & Sensors/Instruments o Industrial Components
Manufacture of Processed Parts

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