Fenner Precision Offers OEM Partners a Leaner Approach

Supplier intensifies focus on value-added services

Manheim, PA - According to the Institute for Supply Management, economic activity in the manufacturing sector failed to grow in February for the 13th consecutive month, and the overall economy contracted for the fifth consecutive month. In this environment, many original equipment manufacturers (OEM) have redoubled their efforts to adopt lean manufacturing methods - reducing inventory, eliminating waste and streamlining the supply chain.

Recognizing that suppliers can play a critical role in achieving these goals, Fenner Precision developed a slate of services designed specifically to support original equipment manufacturers in their push for leaner practices.

Fenner Precision, a developer and manufacturer of custom belts, pulleys, tires and rollers for multimedia, motion control and power transmission applications, crafted solutions that aim to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

"Original equipment manufacturers who are embracing leaner manufacturing methods understand the need to work with suppliers who can add value to their product and design, as well as maintain on-time delivery," said Tony Watts, Group Marketing Manager at Fenner Precision, which operates manufacturing facilities in Manheim, PA, Buffalo, NY, and Lincoln in the UK.

Fenner Precision's solutions are based on three primary value-added principles: design, breadth of products, and speed and support.


Fenner Precision has an application engineering team that works with clients' engineers in selecting the right configuration and products for a project.

"Our engineers are cross-trained on all of our products which helps expedite the selection or design process of a system," Watts said. "The earlier our application engineers are involved in a project, the more cost effective it becomes for our client."

Companies that involve a supplier in the design process had an average cost savings of 12.9% to 17.5% and 10% to 20% in quality and cycle time improvements, according to an Aberdeen Group study.

Breadth of products

Because Fenner Precision manufactures timing belts, StretchBands(TM), tires and Winthane(TM) rollers, they are able to offer customers the solutions for conveying, transfer, motion control, and power transmission applications.

"By having multiple parts under one roof, buyers can save time and reduce their number of vendors as well as administrative paperwork, approvals and certifications," Watts said. "We are a one-stop shop for products used in multimedia movement applications including paper propulsion."

In addition, Fenner Precision can custom design and manufacture parts. The company offers liquid molding processes, a full range of materials and formulations, and an in-house tooling department. Combined with the expertise of engineers, these capabilities enable Fenner Precision to offer OEM partners the freedom of design to fit most applications.

Speed and support

Fenner Precision also has processes for ensuring on-time delivery. The company works with customers to establish timely delivery schedules and continues to make plant investments geared toward increasing speed and accuracy of shipments. For example, Fenner Precision recently installed automatic packaging equipment in its Manheim, PA facility.

The company has three manufacturing locations, each equipped with R&D laboratories staffed with associates who can respond to a customer's technical needs. In addition, Fenner Precision has a global sales force servicing customers on three continents. This sales force's continued expansion includes last fall's opening of a new sales office near Dusseldorf, Germany, to support the Central European market.

"Whether it's technical resources, equipment, or physical space, Fenner Precision is committed to investing in our facilities," Watts said. "This core value provides us the flexibility to offer our clients the continual improvement in product and delivery that they demand."

About Fenner Precision

Fenner Precision is a global leader in the design and development of belts, pulleys and rollers for multimedia, paper propulsion, motion control and power transmission applications. Fenner Precision products can be found in consumer printers, office machines, mail handling machines and money handling equipment. The company also offers custom-molded, liquid cast polyurethane products for shock dampening and abrasion resistance, as well as squeegee applications. Additionally, Fenner Precision manufactures silicone-molded parts as well as neoprene seals and diaphragms for offshore applications. Specialty technical-coated fabrics are produced for low friction and high temperature applications. Fenner Precision is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fenner PLC. For more information, visit www.fennerprecision.com.

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