Fast-Track Electric Substation Building Facilitates Immediate Power Needs

As part of a new power CenterPoint Energy Betka Substation project, ECP Tech Services needed to construct a building to hold an electrical substation for its customer Hewlett Packard—and they needed it quick. 

ECP Tech Services contacted Lonestar Prestress Manufacturing, Inc. (LPMI). LPMI recommended a 20 ft x 80 ft x 12 ft Easi-Span prefabricated two-room building. The building was erected on a poured in place foundation with recesses for wall panels. The walls were made of 6.5-in. thick sandwich panels with R-26Insulation in a custom-etched with buff cement color.

Eight Easi-Span roof sections were post tensioned individually and post tensioned together once they were in place atop the walls.  Each roof panel has a structural keyway(s) that are grouted on site with high-strength, non-shrink polymer grout.  Once grouted, the roof panels are post tensioned together putting all roof joints into compression for a watertight, leak proof roof system guaranteed for 50 years.  A unistrut cast into the center beam of all eight roof panels allowed for easy installation of substation cable trays.

Removable transom panels on each end of the building gave the owner a 10 ft x 10 ft clear opening when needed. The structure is maintenance free and watertight.

The building was constructed in less than a week.

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