Fan Sound Enclosure Test Documents Performance in Supporting Compliance with OSHA Sound Exposure Levels

Modular Enclosure Cuts Sound Pressure Levels By 24%

New Test Laboratory Accurately Simulates Operating Conditions

Newark, DE: A test of a fan sound enclosure designed and manufactured by automated trim and waste handling system manufacturer Precision AirConvey (PAC), Newark, Del. ( reveals that the equipment reduces sound pressure levels generated by fans powering pneumatic conveying systems from 84 dBA without the enclosure to 64 dBA. A 24% reduction, the test documents the enclosure supports compliance with the OSHA Noise Standard 29 CFR 1910.95 specifications for permissible sound exposure while promoting safety and comfort in the workplace.

Conducted on a full size, automated trim handling and removal system in the company's in-house testing laboratory, the fan sound enclosure test simulated actual operating conditions common to a converting, labeling or print to mail facility. The test set the fan sound enclosure around a material handling fan while paper edge trim was captured, cut and evacuated. The fan sound attenuation enclosure is also suitable for placement around venturi fans and a range of blowers and may be retrofit onto existing systems. A novel, modular concept, the fan sound enclosure features sound-absorbent, lightweight panels that may be easily removed for service with no tools.

For technical information and sales inquiries, contact Chris Lavelle, Precision AirConvey, 210 Executive Drive #6, Pencader Corporate Center, Newark, DE 19702; 302.999.8000; Fax 302.266.7559;;

This fan sound enclosure reduced sound pressure levels generated in a pneumatic conveying system by 24% in a test conducted on a full size, automated trim handling system by Precision AirConvey, Newark, Del. The fan sound enclosure is shown with its panels removed for access and in place for operation.

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