Family-Owned and Operated Twin Valley Telephone Company Chooses APA Cables & Networks' Fiber Management Solution for 'Home Run' Applications

Product Selection Based upon Product Tailoring and Turnaround Time

MINNEAPOLIS, March 20 -- APA Cables & Networks, a leader in fiber management solutions and wholly owned subsidiary of APA Enterprises (NASDAQ:APAT), today announced that family-owned and operated Twin Valley Telephone Company (TVT), Kansas, has deployed APA Cables & Networks' Fiber Distribution System (FDS) to deliver Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) as their "Home Run" solution. The deployment is designed to cost-effectively upgrade TVT's network infrastructure, recently acquired from Sprint, supplying customers with access to the best communications and entertainment services available.

TVT understands the rural market and has always invested a very large portion of their support dollars received from USF funds and customers back into their networks. In the late 90s, TVT upgraded their architecture to fiber-fed DLCs. Today, with the recent acquisition of 13 exchanges from Sprint, technological upgrades on the outdated equipment has become priority- one. "Once we finish upgrading all three phases of our FTTH conversion plan, we expect to convert the remaining six existing exchanges," commented Ben Foster, Director of Operations, TVT.

"Because we selected an active Ethernet technology, we needed a fiber distribution system that was highly concentrated, simple and durable. Additionally, we were somewhat constrained in a few of the central offices, so we needed a vendor that could offer a product platform configured to our exact environment. APACN stepped up to the plate," said Foster.

To help TVT better handle field splicing and fiber management, APACN provided the Fiber Distribution Systems with pre-loaded fiber assemblies (each with a unique configuration, paying specific attention to port density) before shipping them out to the field for installation -- within a very tight timeframe of just a few weeks. As a result, TVT was able to quickly install and begin splicing right away. In addition, as a regular practice, APACN sent along one of their field engineers to aid in the installation process and to deliver personalized training to TVT's field technicians.

APACN's line of fiber management solutions is designed to meet the full range of Telcordia's demanding telecommunications standards, and to the unique requirements of FTTP installations championed by today's innovative independent telephone, cable television and municipal networks.

The APACN Fiber Distribution System product family is comprised of termination panels, splice panels, frames and accessories. It is ideally suited for high-density broadband connectivity applications and is ruggedly constructed with high quality components, reducing the risk of post installation damage, while lowering the maintenance cost and enhancing the life of the system.

About Twin Valley Telephone Company

Twin Valley Telephone Company (TVT) has been meeting the telecommunication of residents in Kansas since 1947 and was one of the first telephone companies in the U.S. to offer IPTV commercially -- 95% of their customers are able to get at least one stream of IPTV.

In March 2006, TVT acquired approximately 5,200 access lines in 13 exchanges growing the number of customers it serves from 2,200 to 7,400 access lines over a 2,400 square mile radius -- burying over 2,000 miles of fiber.

Today, 100% of their existing customers have high-speed internet available to them and TVT increased broadband availability to 30% of the new exchanges upon acquisition (pre-FTTH). At the completion of the FTTH project in 2008, 100% of TVT's customers will have broadband available to them.

About APA Cables & Networks, Inc.

APA Cables & Networks designs and manufactures a complete line of passive fiber optic connectivity solutions centered upon their Fiber Distribution System (FDS). The FDS product-line supports a wide range of frame and panel configurations, densities, connectors and adapter options and is offered alongside an assortment of passive optical components. In addition, APACN provides a complete line of fiber and copper assemblies for controlled and outside plant environments. APACN is a wholly owned subsidiary of APA Enterprises, Inc.

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