Facts and Myths of Plastic Locker Performance

Someday there will be a revolutionary material that will replace cold rolled steel as the best material for manufacturing lockers. Maybe carbon nanotubes but plastic is not that revolutionary material. Common plastics used for lockers are HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and Phenolic. Plastic locker manufactures have effectively promoted their products by playing on the bad experiences with lockers manufactured before contemporary technology. It is comparable to claiming a 2009 automobile will suffer the same short term resistance to corrosion that a 1970's car suffered. The same advancements that prolong the corrosion resistance of today's cars have been adapted to Lyon steel lockers.

The truth about plastic lockers is that they are 2 to 3 times the cost of metal lockers, are not as secure and have limited options. The original plastic locker designs used all plastic parts. After many years of locker users destroying the plastic hinges and plastic latches, the plastic locker designers added hinges and latches formed from metal. They obviously realized the need for the strength of metal. Most fire codes limit the type and quantity of plastics in public buildings, such as schools, due to flame spread and toxic fume concerns. UV exposure and sharp objects can damage most plastics and surface damage is permanent.

Lyon's steel lockers utilize Galvannealed steel and Powder Coat to resist corrosion. Galvannealed steel is cold rolled steel with a mill applied Zinc coating. Steel lockers can be made using Galvannealed as the base material. If the top coat is damaged or penetrated by moisture, the Zinc coating protects the underlying steel from corrosion through galvanic action. The liquid paints used on lockers before the conversion to Powder Coat could be broken down by most chemicals especially Chlorine. Once the paint was compromised moisture could easily reach the steel. Lyon's standard Powder Coat provides a very durable coating and is not affected by common chemicals including Chlorine. It also provides dry film thicknesses in excess of 1.5 mils which prevents moisture penetration.

Once the misconceptions are dispelled, Lyon Workspace steel lockers are clearly the best choice for all locker applications.

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