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Factors and Relevant Tests for Preservation of Cosmetics Packaging

Press release date: Jun 20, 2014

Flexible plastic packaging is gradually taking the place of traditional glassware packaging in cosmetic industry. However the in some aspects the performance of flexible plastic is not as good as glassware. How to ensure the quality of cosmetic packaging? This paper will introduce cosmetic packaging, and the factors influencing the preservation and marketing of cosmetics. Respectively advices will be given.

Equal-pressure method was gradually developed in the 1970s to determine oxygen permeability of packaging materials. Although equal-pressure method has limitation in its actual application and still needs improvement to challenge the fundamental position of differential-pressure method in gas permeability testing, it possesses test advantages of its own, which expand the application fields of equal-pressure method.

1.Factors Influencing the Preservation of Cosmetics and Relevant Tests
Antiseptic, antioxidant treatment and the preservation of fragrance is the key point of cosmetic packaging. Following tests should be done: air permeation test, package internal air volume test, package entity test. These test can also be seen as the barrier property test of package materials, the head space analysis and the sealing test of packages.

1.1 Barrier Property
Vapor permeation rate test is mainly used in cosmetic package film, bottle, bag and other containers. By testing the vapor permeation rate, production technique index can be controlled and adjusted to satisfy the requirement of different products. Weighing method and sensor method can both test the vapor permeation rate of films and packages. But considering the test efficiency, sensor method is more developed in packaging test, such as the Labthink PERMETM W3/330 Vapor Permeation Test System

1.2 Sealing Performance
Sealing performance refers to the test of whether there is a leakage point on packages or not. Leakage can be leaking into the package or out of the package. It appears by small crack on materials, small holes or the joining place between two pieces of materials. The hot sealing and the bottle mouth are the two most likely places to have leakage. Strict production technique and tests are necessary to solve leakage. Usually there are two methods to test: positive pressure method and negative pressure method. Positive pressure method occupied wide attention because it is not only able to test the sealing performance of ordinary packages, but also able to test additional samples by using add-ons. Such as Labthink PARAMTM LSSD-01 Leakage and Sealing Performance Strength Tester, it can test flexible tubes, blow head, bottle cap, bags’ sealing and so on.

1.3 Head Space Air Analysis
Labthink PARAMTM HGA-01 Head Space Air Analyzer is capable to conduct the remaining air test. It can be used to test the oxygen and carbon dioxide volume and proportion in airtight packages, bottles and cans. It’s able to test the air composition quickly and accurately in production line, storage, labs and so forth places, and therefore guarantee the production and product safety.

Generally speaking, according to the preservation requirements of cosmetics, performance tests include the content preservation and the product appearance tests. Of course basic dynamics requirements should be satisfied. Antisepsis, antioxidant treatment and fragrance preservation are the key point of cosmetic preservation. They are related with the barrier property of materials, headspace air analysis and sealing performance tests. And the appearance of packages can directly affect marketing. Main factors are printings, easiness of opening, the touch of package material surface, and the adhesive test of tags. Knowing the index of packages and their materials, we can avoid some mistakes when we are designing cosmetic packages. The usability, the protection and appearance of package design will also be improved.