Fabrico Announces Sequential Numbering Capabilities for Label Printing

KENNESAW, GA - Fabrico, the leading provider of design and manufacturing services for flexible materials, announces that it now offers printing of consecutively-numbered barcode labels. This numbering system enables customers to easily track inventory, thereby creating a more efficient assembly process.

Fabrico uses an advanced digital technology system to print the barcode labels onto Matte Litho Material, using their Aquaflex 2200 4-color press printer. This digital technology system allows Fabrico to print a custom quantity of unique digits onto each label. Fabrico's labels are then die-cut and slit into rolls before being shipped to manufacturers.

The Aquaflex is a multi-step manufacturing system that supports four-color process or four matched colors using water-based or UV-cured ink. The Aquaflex system accommodates both pressure-sensitive and non-pressure-sensitive materials up to 13" wide with thicknesses ranging from 0.003" to 0.015".

About Fabrico

Fabrico is the market leader in design and manufacturing services for flexible materials. By focusing on its customer's needs, Fabrico has developed a reputation for solving unique challenges and providing sound customer solutions. Fabrico is headquartered at 4175 Royal Drive, Suite 800, Kennesaw, GA 30144;
Tel: 678-202-2700; Fax: 678-202-2702; E-mail: info@fabrico.com; Web: www.fabrico.com.

Fabrico is a trademark of EIS, Fabrico Inc.

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