EZURiO and IVOX Partnership Creates Value from Telematics for Fleet Managers and Insurance Underwriters

Wooburn Green, UK - 21st May 2007 - EZURiO is offering its Wireless Intelligent Telematics System (WiTS) in conjunction with IVOX's powerful DriverScore software to deliver unparalleled insight into driver behaviour and vehicle performance. The full feature benefits of the system will be jointly presented at the Telematics Detroit 2007 show on May 22-23.

Telematics has always been hampered by a balance of technological delivery and cost. Cellular costs have forced telematics to provide little more than location information. For most fleet managers and insurers, real-time location is of limited use - they need to know how the vehicle and driver are performing. Until now, the cost of obtaining this information from telematics systems has been prohibitive.

True telematics is the combination of telecommunications and informatics. It's the ability to gather, understand and act on data collected from a variety of remote sources. The real requirement for fleet management and insurance companies is to look beyond just location information, and delve deeper into driver and vehicle behaviour enabling pre-emptive maintenance not just for a fleet of vehicles, but also for the vehicle drivers. The Holy Grail of monitoring vehicle data and driving behaviour requires considerable amounts of data to be gathered, stored and analysed. By combining the cellular-free wireless expertise of EZURiO and the data analysis skills of IVOX, a real advance in the quality of telematics information has been achieved.

To attain this level of knowledge about the driver and vehicle a very granular level of detailed data from multiple sensors is required. Until the launch of EZURiO's WiTS platform this level of detail was unobtainable in any real sense. EZURiO's WiTS vehicle units monitor driving behaviour independently of the vehicle's own diagnostics capability 10 times every second, recording even the most minute change in driving behaviour.

Gathering and storing data in such detail requires a powerful analysis tool which can turn the value captured in the data into a presentable and workable aid to business. EZURiO and IVOX have been working together to provide a hardware and software solution, which adds quantifiable business benefit with unparalleled detailed data.

"EZURiO is the first company to provide data which allows a real detailed view of how a vehicle is performing," said Gregg Warren - of IVOX. "We are able to capture even the smallest change in vehicle or driver behaviour, which when analysed by our data mining software translates into a real world view of driver and vehicle ability. This combination of intelligence highlights every aspect of performance and risk, and provides a real business benefit in terms of driver training, vehicle maintenance and risk aversion".

IVOX software runs complex analytic algorithms which provide detailed driver profiles. The more data collected and analysed, the more accurate the profile. As a result of this analysis a DriverScore is produced which rates a driver's skill and safe driving behaviour which can then be used as an objective and defensible means of projecting driver performance. Full DriverScore reporting is accessible via a web interface.

"IVOX data mining skills combined with EZURiO's hardware provides a very powerful and complete end-to-end solution, specifically for the fleet manager or insurance underwriter," said Chris Shannon, CEO of EZURiO Ltd. "EZURiO's expertise with M2M and wireless communication is more than complimented by the intelligence and predictive modelling provided by IVOX data mining expertise and software analysis tools."

About EZURiO

EZURiO is the leading supplier of short range wireless M2M solutions and offers data capture and secure voice and data transmission via Bluetooth and 802.11 Local Area Networks. EZURiO is one of only a few companies capable of delivering a true end to end solution, from the capture of data through secure communication over wireless networks by way of the internet to a middleware platform that is either user hosted or accessed over secure connections from EZURiO's dedicated web farm.

EZURiO has extensive experience of the integration of end-to-end wireless technology including Bluetooth and 802.11 solutions that provide instant, pre-approved wireless capability to a wide range of OEM customers. The company's long involvement with wireless technology has resulted in a range of solutions that are acknowledged as setting the standard for short range wireless connectivity, with extended range, low power and lowest cost of ownership.

EZURiO has offices in USA and the UK with an extensive near global distribution network.

For more information on EZURiO, go to: www.ezurio.com

For downloadable images, go to: http://ezurio.com/imagelibrary/

For White Papers, go to: http://ezurio.com/press/wp/

About IVOX

IVOX is an information services company that uses GPS/Accelerometer devices in vehicles - trucks and cars - to collect information on driver behavior. Data elements collected include speed, location, time of day, hard braking, fast acceleration and rapid lane changes. This data is matched to existing databases (e.g. posted speed limits and accident loss data) and is then fed into a patent-pending risk weighted algorithm to calculate a DriverScore, a measure of the risk associated a particular driver.

IVOX is headquartered in Atlanta Georgia, USA

For more information on IVOX, go to: www.ivoxdata.com

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