EyeLock to Showcase Its Technology at ASIS 2015

NEW YORK – EyeLock LLC, a market leader of iris-based identity authentication solutions, will be showcasing its award winning and latest technology in Booth #602 at next week's ASIS 2015 in Anaheim, California.

EyeLock's iris authentication technology provides an unprecedented level of convenience and security with unmatched biometric accuracy, making it the most proven way to authenticate one's identity aside from DNA. EyeLock's platform uses video technology to deliver a fast and friendly user experience to identify the more than 240 points of unique characteristics in each human iris.

EyeLock's technology is suitable for use in many market segments, including enterprise, healthcare, financial services, education, corrections, stadiums, border control, automotive, government and more.  EyeLock is currently expanding its reseller and VAR network to accelerate access control channel growth.

EyeLock will be featuring nano NXT™, the next generation of its revolutionary access control solutions. With a sleek, low profile and powerful capabilities, the nano NXT redefines how identities are protected, authenticated, and managed. An optional nano NXT SDK allows companies to customize their security solutions to integrate fully and seamlessly with their existing time and attendance and other applications, products and platforms.

Key features and benefits of nano NXT and nano NXT SDK include the following:

nano NXT:

    --  Two factor authentication (iris + card)

    --  Wiegand, F2F, OSDP and PAC protocols

    --  Tamper detection

    --  Power over Ethernet (IEE 802.3af)

    --  On-board memory of up to 20,000 users

    --  Authentication on device or over a network

    --  Optional network matching for multi-location and large database


    --  New web configuration tools enables fast, easy set-up and calibration

    --  Dual iris capture and matching

    --  Up to 20 people per minute throughput

    --  Simple integration with existing ACS

    --  FAR (False Accept Rate) of up to 1 in 1.5 million (single eye)

    --  Video-based system for unmatched user experience and convenience

    --  Secure communication and encryption (AES 256)

nano NXT SDK:

    --  Development languages include C#, C++ and Java

    --  Platforms include Windows (Microsoft .NET) and Linux

    --  APIs to build iris enabled applications to enroll and match individuals

    --  APIs to interface with legacy PACS (Physical Access Control Systems)

    --  Supports Wiegand, F2F and OSDP protocols

    --  APIs to support logical grouping of devices and people.

    --  APIs for image manipulation in various formats

    --  APIs for receiving device's network messages

    --  APIs for receiving video from network devices

    --  Sample applications for guidance

    --  Backward compatible with EyeSwipe Nano (coming soon)

For more information, please visit www.eyelock.com.

EyeLock Contact:

Anthony Antolino

P: 914-619-5548

E: sales@eyelock.com

About EyeLock  

EyeLock is a leader in iris authentication, providing the highest level of security with EyeLock ID technology.  The company's proprietary, embeddable technology enables the convenient and secure authentication of individuals across physical and logical environments. EyeLock's solutions have been integrated across consumer and enterprise products and platforms, eliminating the need for PINs and passwords.  No two irises are alike, and outside DNA - the iris is the most accurate human identifier. Corporations across the Fortune 500 recognize the level of security EyeLock provides due in part to its false accept rate, ease of use and scalability. As a sponsor member of the Fast IDentity Online Alliance (FIDO), a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a safer and more secure digital presence for consumers, EyeLock is dedicated to advancing digital privacy and next generation security.



Web Site: http://www.eyelock.com

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