EXSYS to Show Advancements in Toolholding and Gear Boxes at EASTEC

SAN ANTONIO, Fla. – Visitors to EASTEC 2015 will experience a wide range of innovative manufacturing technologies including high-precision toolholding and gear box solutions in EXSYS Tool, Inc.’s booth 5459. The company will showcase the EPPINGER brand Compacto™ C3, C4, C5 and C6 base holder system, a full range of gear boxes, and the PRECI-FLEX® modular quick-change tooling system.

Representing advanced modular quick-change tooling technology, the Compacto C3, C4, C5 and C6 base holder enhances the efficiency and productivity of CNC turning machines. When compared with traditional base holder designs, the compact size of Compacto provides more space for machining in tight workspaces, as well as offers improved torque transmission and rigidity for increased tool accuracy. The holder’s polygon shape connection (PSC), which is the shortest PSC interface in the industry, further adds to its high precision and stability.

A special built-in release mechanism on the outer diameter of the base holder’s spindle provides optimum operator accessibility. Operators can easily lock and unlock adapters with a small Allen key for fast and virtually effortless tool changes. Plus, the automatic ejection feature of the adapters further increases the speed and efficiency of tool exchanges.

Available for bolt-on and VDI-style turrets, the Compacto connection base holder accommodates fixed and rotary tools, including the PRECI-FLEX system, and accepts all standard PSC adapters. In fact, adapters used in milling applications will now work in turning operations, due to the versatility of the Compacto.

Show attendees will also see EPPINGER’s new line of gear boxes and high precision gear technology. These compact, high-transmission gear boxes are suited for a wide range of applications, including machinery, automation and robotics. EPPINGER engineered these products to meet strict demands for stiffness, performance and efficiency, and provide smooth, reliable operation. On display will be:

• Bevel gear boxes - a series of compact gear boxes offering high torque at maximum efficiency for all gear applications requiring a high degree of reliability and variability;

• Hypoid gear boxes - suitable for specific and highly dynamic applications with a specially developed mono-bloc housing for extreme stability and maximum precision and efficiency;

• Planetary gear boxes - the modular design and combination of hardened and ground gears with high precision gear box components guarantees efficient performance, smooth running and high uptime;

• Cycloidal gear boxes - highly compact and rigid cycloidal precision gear boxes well suited for drive technology, especially in tool machinery, automation and robotics;

• Customized gear boxes - specially designed to meet customers’ requirements; and

• High precision gear technology - spiral, hypoid and Zerol gears manufactured with GLEASON gear technology.

EXSYS will also showcase the PRECI-FLEX modular quick-change tooling system, which features a selection of adapters engineered to hold different cutting tool and shank designs. The adapters’ common connecting feature locks into a standard base unit on the machine turret, enabling tool/adapter assemblies to be preset offline then quickly switch in and out of the base unit. Tool positions repeat within +/- 3 µm, eliminating the need to re-center, touch off, or make test cuts.

The PRECI-FLEX conical and flat-face planar interface duplicates the taper of the standard ER collet. This enables ER collets, albeit at lesser repeatability, to be used along with PRECI-FLEX adapters to mount collets, endmill holders, expanding collet chucks and shrink-fit tooling on a single-base holder. Operated at the front face of the turret, the connector provides two tons of clamping force, and its compact design maximizes torque transmission and rigidity, increasing accuracy and productivity.

For more information on these and other productivity-boosting products available from EXSYS, visit www.exsys-tool.com.

About EXSYS Tool, Inc.

Founded in 1987, EXSYS Tool, Inc. is the exclusive importer of German-made EPPINGER solutions, including high-precision live and fixed toolholders for CNC turning centers, modular adapter systems for quick lathe tooling changeovers and gear box solutions for a wide range of applications. With headquarters near Tampa, Fla., and support offices in California, Canada and Mexico; EXSYS offers a variety of different types of tool holders, gold standard tooling repair and applications expertise to manufacturers throughout North America. For more information, please contact EXSYS Tool, Inc. at info@exsys-tool.com or visit www.exsys-tool.com.


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