Exclusive Distribution Deal Sealed to Increase Exposure of Unparalleled Skylight Technology

HOUSTON, TEXAS - VTECH Industries recently announced the beginning of an exciting, exclusive International Distribution Agreement with Dayliter Skylights of Langley, British Columbia Canada.

Dayliter Skylights will be the distributor of VTECH Solid-State Skylights throughout North America, and the United Kingdom, with future plans to expand into Europe. VTECH Skylights utilizes break-through technologies that far surpasses current codes, and are the industry's first skylights guaranteed not to leak.

VTECH Industries, founded in Houston, Texas in 2002, is an innovative research and manufacturing firm. State-of-the-art VTECH Skylights are characterized by high-performance materials, high-impact strength, no maintenance and are built to last. By fusing polyurethane directly to the encapsulated lighting surface, a continuous bond is generated eliminating the need for a gasket, and creating a single, bonded unit that will not fail due to improper installation, weathering or lack of compression. Delivering leak-proof skylights is an industry first, and VTECH delivers them at a cost-effective price to an industry sorely in need of change.

Applying innovative engineering in Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) processing, combined with a patented aliphatic polyurethane material, the VTECH System of encapsulation with the polyurethane ensures a watertight seal. This new, patented process allows both glass and acrylic to bond directly with the frame, eliminating any possible water infiltration and exceeds all ICC and Dade County code requirements.

Dayliter Skylights has manufactured and distributed product to the residential and commercial skylight market since 1979, and has a well respected representation network throughout North America and the United Kingdom. Dayliter arranged an exclusive distribution agreement to distribute VTECH Skylights to springboard VTECH into the market at just the right time. "The market is primed for the next generation of Skylights, and VTECH is unequaled in performance and features" says Peter Corr, VP of Sales & Marketing for Dayliter Skylights.

Dayliter President, Ken Boyce sees this partnership as "an exciting time in the world of skylights" and looks forward to adding VTECH to their skylight distribution network. Dayliter has distribution facilities in Ft. Wayne Indiana, Kitchener Ontario and Langley British Columbia, Canada, and plans to stock inventory in several key locations throughout the country to ensure rapid delivery to its valued customers. Dayliter will launch VTECH Skylights at the ROOFTech 2011 Tradeshow, April 12-13 (Booth 1107), in Montreal Canada. This flagship event of the Canadian Roofing Contractors Association will showcase Dayliter and VTech Skylights for the first time together.

To prove the technology far exceeds industry standards, VTECH Industries conducted extensive testing lasting more than six years. From the outset, the intent was to learn the skylight's failure rate, before committing to a manufacturing and distribution system. The technology is such a radical, profound step outside the norm.

Art Valentz, President of VTECH Industries, wanted to ensure the product would not fail. Results from testing not only showed that the skylights met and surpassed code, but also clearly set new standards. "We wanted to find allies who shared the same forward-thinking vision of the technology." said Valentz. "Our collaborative efforts greatly increased the potential of this new process." "There is NO equal to our product," said Valentz. "I invite anyone to challenge that statement. We are surpassing all certification codes and setting new standards for performance in the industry." For more information contact Peter Corr at 1.800 268 4068 or visit www.dayliter.com.

Peter Corr

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