Exact Metrology, Inc. Expands Product Offering with NDI's Portable Shop Floor Measurement Solutions

Cincinnati, OH - April 8, 2009 - Exact Metrology, Inc. announced today the addition of NDI's industrial suite of shop-floor metrology solutions to their product offering. This includes NDI's OPTOTRAK® 3D Optical Tracker, Laser Scanner and related equipment for inspection, reverse engineering and high-speed part tracking applications.

Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, NDI designs and manufactures measurement solutions for medical, life sciences, and industrial markets including industrial part inspection, computer-assisted therapy, ergonomics and sports/biomechanics research. NDI has over 14,000 advanced measurement systems installed worldwide, and is an ISO9000:2000 certified company.

"NDI's equipment lineup allows us to provide innovative solutions for our clients, particularly in larger volume shop-floor tasks," states Dean Solberg, Principal at Exact Metrology. "Their optical trackers and related equipment are ideal for a wide variety of coordinate measurement and dynamic tracking applications."

The addition of the NDI compliments Exact Metrology's already extensive product offering which includes manufacturers such as ROMER, Leica Geosystems, Breuckmann, Metronor, Surphaser and InnovMetric. Exact Metrology has been providing metrology equipment solutions and contract measurement services for over fifteen years.

For more information on Exact Metrology, please call them at 866-722-2600 or visit www.exactmetrology.com.

ABOUT EXACT METROLOGY, INC.: Exact Metrology, Inc. is a full-service measurement services company that provides on-site inspection, reverse engineering, non-contact laser scanning, and 2D/3D digitizing services as well as contract programming, software training, part programming, and measurement equipment implementation. Utilizing the latest in portable measurement technologies and with decades of combined experience, Exact's application engineers can handle everything from small parts to parts over 30 meters. Exact Metrology also sells, services, and implements metrology equipment solutions from companies including ROMER, Leica Geosystems, Breuckmann, Metronor, Surphaser and InnovMetric.

General Information:

Dean Solberg

Exact Metrology, Inc

4766 Interstate Drive

Cincinnati, OH 45246

Tel: 866-722-2600

Fax: 815-477-0920

Email: deans@exactmetrology.com

Website: www.exactmetrology.com

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