Everlast® Advanced Composite Siding Receives Improved Fire Rating

Approved for Type V Building Construction and Fire-Resistant Walls

Oaknont, PA (December 13, 2019) – Chelsea Building Products is pleased to announce that all Everlast® advanced composite siding products have been approved for Type V buildings (A and B) and for use on all construction types permitted under the IRC (International Residential Code) and FBC-R (Florida Building Code, Residential), as reported in sections 6.2.2. and 6.2.3. of Intertek’s Code Compliance Research Report (CCRR-0201).

The approved products are Everlast® Lap Siding (both 6-7/8” and 4-1/2” profiles) and the new Everlast® Board & Batten vertical siding.

For a structure to be deemed Type V-A, it must have 1-hour fire-rated exterior walls, and Everlast® siding is now approved for use on these construction types.

There are two groups within Type V. Type V-A structures have protected wood frames (no visible or exposed wood), which is common for new apartment buildings. Type V-B structures feature unprotected wood frames, most often single-family homes and garages.

Everlast® siding may be used on both Type V-approved construction types and installed on the exterior of fire-resistant walls, increasing its number of approved applications.

Everlast® siding consists of a thick and solid composite substrate made from a composition of inorganic minerals and polymer resins. The substrate is then fused molecularly to a color-tinted acrylic capstock and embossed with an authentic cedar grain finish. Everlast® siding will not rot or delaminate and features an industry-leading warranty that protects against fading, peeling, flaking, cracking, rusting, blistering, and corroding.

For more information about Everlast® siding, visit: http://everlastsiding.com

Learn about Everlast® siding’s industry-leading lifetime warranty: https://www.everlastsiding.com/guides/understanding-your-siding-warranty-and-what-it-covers

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