European Certifications for Cryogenic Containers

Kenilworth, NJ - Cryofab is now certified to sell TPED compliant, portable liquid helium dewars into Europe and other locations where required. The standard dewars (CMSH series) offered by Cryofab are lighter in weight and smaller dimensionally then the counterparts offered by European manufacturers. The sizes approved are 60, 100, 150, 200, 250, 350, 400 & 500 liters. Cryofab also offers liquid nitrogen dewars meeting PED Category I requirements for laboratory use. They are available in a wide range of sizes and with a multitude of optional features allowing them to be configured for almost any application.

In addition, the CMSH Series includes air transport dewars, which have features specifically designed for transporting liquid helium on commercial air flights. The 250-S & 400-S are 64" maximum height. Optional equipment, such as liquid level gauges, flow meters, electric pressure building systems, and built-in VJ Withdrawal Systems, make this product line customizable for a wide range of industries and applications.

To improve safety in transport of pressurized goods by road or rail, the European Union issued a directive to enhance the safety of transportable pressure equipment. Directive 1999/36/EC is commonly referred to as TPED (Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive). Few American suppliers have achieved this safety certification.

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Cryofab, Inc. manufactures and services cryogenic equipment and accessories. We offer custom as well as standard fabrications to customers world-wide. Cryofab offers ASME, DOT, ANSI, IATA, and ADR products. Our in-house engineers can assist with product development for OEM or private label fabrication, whether it be prototype or productions runs.

Founded in 1971, Cryofab has grown solely on the merits of its innovative products and superior service.

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