Eurofins SF Analytical Labs, Part of The Global Eurofins Network of Labs is Please to Announce We Have Acquired S&N Labs

April 2022 – Eurofins SF Analytical Labs, part of the global Eurofins Network of Labs is pleased to announce we have acquired S&N Labs. We are in the process of rebranding the Santa Ana, CA lab as Eurofins SFA SN Special Analysis West with the same scientific staff bolstered by the Eurofins network with access to hundreds of other labs around the world and over 200,000 tests and analytical methods at our disposal. Our commitment to Credible Results with Incredible Service remains the same as ever!

About S&N Labs

Complete Chemical Analysis and Laboratory Testing (DWR edited)

S&N Labs was started in 1968 providing the nascent electronics industry in Silicon Valley, California with consulting and design expertise. In 1983, the company relocated to Santa Ana and set up a laboratory to support the consulting operations. Starting out with one room-full of microscopes and equipment, the laboratory has expanded to our current size of 3,200 ft2 with suites dedicated to all types of chemical analyses. Expanded Laboratory Facilities are under construction with anticipated relocation to a 3,800 ft2 state-of-the-art Eurofins facility located nearby in Tustin, CA with anticipated completion date of April 2023.

Specializing in Organic and Polymer Material Analysis

S&N Labs was the first laboratory in the country to provide FT-IR microscopy services and is still on the forefront of organic and polymer material analyses. Our range of available techniques is unparalleled and our chemists are heavily cross-trained so that they can use the most appropriate tools to solve our client’s problems. S&N Labs can assist you by combining our extensive experience dealing with all kinds of chemical and material questions with our vast range of analytical equipment. By joining the Eurofins network of laboratories and rebranding as Eurofins SFA SN Special Analysis West – we can offer expanded services and access to over 200,000 test methods across Eurofins global network of labs to tackle even the largest projects or custom studies. We stand behind results in the event of vendor, Insurance of LEGAL Claims (pending No Conflict of Interest)

Unlike most commercial testing laboratories, Eurofins SFA SN Special Analysis West specializes in “unusual” requests (non-routine, investigative analysis). Where most labs avoid one-time analyses, we seek them out. We can provide fixed price quotations for the analysis of unknown mixtures and the quantitation of unusual compounds or for an array of foreign/unknown material identifications in a novel matrix with rapid turnaround times, often in just a few days! Combined with our sister lab Eurofins SF Analytical in New Berlin, WI we have successfully completed over 10,000 projects since 1983

We are proud to boast 3 PhD’s on staff (combined with New Berlin, WI sister lab), many more scientists with advanced degrees in chemistry, chemical engineering, process and manufacturing experience with more than 30 full time scientific staff at both labs combined to tackle whatever non-routine project, investigation or customized study that our customers require.

We also have microbiology testing capability both locally and across the United States if required to compliment our physio-chemical and spectral analysis capabilities to solve the most challenging problems you face.

Neil E. Spingarn, PhD
Senior Scientist

David W. Riggs, BS, PE
Eurofins SFA Labs Inc.

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