ESPRIT 2008 at DIDACTA 2008, Stuttgart, Germany, Feb. 19-23

ESPRIT 2008, created by computer aided manufacturing (CAM) industry leader DP Technology, will be on display in Stuttgart, Germany, Feb. 19-23, when the latest version of the company's software will be exhibited at DIDACTA 2008.

Those who visit the ESPRIT booth at DIDACTA, an international trade show for education and training, can expect demonstrations of ESPRIT 2008, as well as one-on-one interaction with staff from DP Technology. DIDACTA, described as a "one-stop shop for anything and everything to do with education," is expected to include about 600 exhibitors and attract roughly 65,000 visitors.

Upgrades available in the new release include turning stock automation for lathes, EDM machine specific machining technology, improved 3D machining performance, open pocket milling, expanded CAD to CAM feature exchange (FX), enhanced KnowledgeBase machining (KBM) functionality, and B-axis turning for 5-axis mill-turn machines.

In addition to increasing the performance of the CAM software, the upgrades available in ESPRIT 2008 and on display at DIDACTA reduce the time required to produce part programs while increasing the quality of those programs and helping to reduce machining cycle times.

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