Eraser's Automatic Tube Cutters Process to Tight Specifications; Ideal for Medical Tubing Applications

The Eraser Company, Inc. manufactures an array of industrial-grade cutting machines that are suitable for a wide range of materials.  Models WC601B and WC601D Automatic Tubing Cutters can accurately cut flexible tubing to a programmed length and number of pieces. Using a unique rotary cutting head, Eraser's WC601 series tubing cutters can process to tight specifications, such as those required for medical tubing applications.  The adjustable dual feed belts coupled with a reliable stepper motor drive system helps to produce accurate and repeatable cut lengths.

WC601D Rotary Blade Tubing Cutter

The WC601B can cut material up to .500" OD, and the WC601D can cut material up to 1.125" OD.  Both machines can cut to a length as small as 0.100" depending on the material.  A bushing set is required with either machine and is based on the OD size of material.

Ten feed rate options allow the operator to choose the correct rate for a given material to optimize production rate, repeatability, and accuracy of the cut length.

Programming of the unit is simple. A batching feature allows all variables for frequently run jobs to be pre-programmed. A kitting feature allows for multiple batches to be run consecutively. Quantities of 99 batches and 10 kits may be programmed.

These automatic feed and cut machines can also be paired with one of Eraser's dereeling systems such as the DE700 Compensating Dereeler, which can help improve the accuracy and productivity of the cutting machine.

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